Ideal Standalone Access Control Solution for better security and simplified installation

Security has become a major concern across the globe. Essentially, this requires restricting unauthorized people from reaching pre-defined areas while ensuring easy access for authorized people. Matrix COSEC Standalone Access Control solution is an ideal solution for SMB and SME units where door controllers are connected to a small panel over Ethernet. Moreover, it does not require any kind of software installation. Standalone Access Control solution improves security, simplifies installation and enhances reliability required for an ideal access control. Thus, Admin can monitor devices, define policies and generate reports directly from the COSEC PANEL without installing any application software.


  • Controls up to 255 Doors from a Single IP Panel
  • Advance Access Control Features with Capacity of 25,000 Users
  • Leverage IP Technology
  • Connect Existing Third Party Readers
  • PoE Door Controller for Powering Readers and Locks
  • Standalone Operation without Server
  • Scalable for Future Expansion

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