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    Fluke Launches Set of 4 New Tools in India

    Fluke Corporation introduces a set of 4 New tools as part of its environmental products range. These new tools are Lux Level Meters, Sound Level Meters, Anemometers Meters and Contact and Non-contact Tachometers.

    All the tools are designed keeping HVAC installation and maintenance professional’s and facility manager’s requirement in mind. These rugged and highly accurate tools are ideal for Indoor air quality monitoring, facility maintenance, energy efficiency management and to conduct HVAC testing and IAQ commissioning and investigations in buildings. These new set of tools shall be launched as part of Fluke Environmental portfolio in India in June 2018, same as the global launch date.

    Fluke 925 vane anemometer

    Easy to use and economical anemometer

    Designed to meet the measurement requirements of safety Engineers, Health, Industrial safety offices and quality control in a wide variety of industrial environments

    Key Product Highlights:

    • Ability to measure wind speed in feet per minute or meters per second
    • Data capture using one button and the ability to average multiple readings
    • Min and Max alarm setting to alert the user when limits have been met
    • Durable over mold housing to protect the unit from drops
    • 1 M extension of sensor from display to ensure air flow is captured in hard to reach locations

    Fluke 930 & Fluke 931 Contact and Non-contact Tachometers

    The Fluke 930 is a Non-contact Tachometer and Fluke 931 is a Dual function Contact and Non-contact Tachometer. Both tools can accurately measure the revolutions per minute (RPM) or surface speed on rotating machinery.

    Key Product Highlights:

    • 6-digit backlit display for easy data visualization
    • Signal detection reminder minimizes false readings
    • Maximum/Minimum/Average value and final readings
    • Small size with rugged housing to protect against drops
    • Easy switching of the contact and non-contact measurement modes (Fluke 931 only)
    • Different speed measuring heads to adapt to different measurement occasions (Fluke 931 only)

    Fluke 941 Light Meter

    Designed for use in multiple environments, the Fluke 941light meter is easy to use and provides clear data display for a variety of applications.

    Product Highlights:

    • Measure in lux or foot-candles, with one button to switch
    • Measuring range up to 20,000 lux or foot candles
    • Data hold to freeze reading on the digital display
    • Min/max ability to show high and low readings
    • Includes protective sensor cap

    Fluke 945 Sound Level Meter

    Designed to meet the measurement requirements of safety Engineers, Health, Industrial safety offices and quality control in a wide variety of industrial environments.

    Key Product Highlights:

    • Data storage
    • Auto ranging with Max/Min recording
    • Frequency weighting ranges: A, C
    • Auto power off
    • Large, easy to read Backlit display

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