How relays are fuelling up the electronics strength worldwide

    The Indian electronic component market has been growing rapidly and the component distributors are behind this expansion, as they are going extra mile to make sure that the supply chain goes through them. For Relays, Singodia Electronics Private Limited is an authorised distributor of Hongfa Relays and has supplied to leading OEMs in various applications such as Inverter/UPS systems, Telecom, Industrial Electronics and many more. ELE Times’ Nikita Sharma caught up with Parul Saini, Sourcing Head, Singodia Electronics, to know about the strategy and plans for Relays. Excerpts:

    ELE Times: What are some of the latest Research and developments being done by your company in sight of electronic technology trends and emergence of new markets?

    Parul Saini: Hongfa is a leading manufacturer of Electromechanical Relays and is known for its quality products certified by UL/CUV, VDE, CQC and CCC. Hongfa has the biggest R&D and product testing centre in China and is continuously investing in new technology developments  Currently we are expecting new developments in relays in segments such as Automotive, Solar, Smart Metering Application and Office Automation.

    ELE Times: What could be the possible upcoming technology in relays for different applications? How will it change the vision of manufacturers?

    Parul Saini: Hongfa is already a market leader in electromechanical relays and is targeting more applications to expand its base. One of the fast moving relays includes 1 Amp 12V and 24V, which are used in Telecom. Auto relays have a huge potential in Electric Vehicles segment. Hongfa is coming up with new technologies in relays such as Auto relays, where they are replacing Plug-in Relays with high current PCB Relays, Advance Relays, used in solar inverters, Latching Relays, used in Smart Meter/Smart Lighting/Office Automation, etc. Hongfa has wide range of relay series segments and are able to deliver high quality products and competitive pricing with Just in Time (JIT) to the leading manufacturers. As a distributor of Hongfa, Singodia Electronics is well informed of the existing and new products and help Hongfa in understanding the market demand, competitive pricing, technical requirements and new applications. We have build a good relationship with our customers as the customers have trusted us for supplying quality components and Hongfa has played a huge role in building this trust with our customers. We are already using Hongfa relays in our EMS unit in various applications such as Inverter/UPS, Stabilizer etc.

    ELE Times: From Electromagnetic Relays to Hybrid Relays, this technology is continuously advancing. What do you think about the Indian market scenario for the relay industry?

    Parul Saini: Hongfa has carved a niche in the Indian market due to its product quality and reliability and is the most preferred choices for OEM designers and quality control experts. The general purpose Relay market is going strong but the current slowdown in Auto sector has impacted the sales growth in relays. India has made a huge development in the field of engineering and technology and Hongfa, having the massive state of the art products, has a massive potential in the Indian market.

    ELE Times: Analysing the current situation. Where do you think relay technology can improve with in a time span of coming 3 years?

    Parul Saini: Relays have a huge scope in Indian market as the total production of electronics sector is expected to grow at 27% CAGR by 2025, according to report generated by various industry associations. Growth in GDP and manufacturing, policy support and increasing investments are driving the growth of electronics sector in India. Such growth will drive electronic components such as Relays catering to various applications. Our future plans will cater to identifying new markets and applications and providing technical and commercial support to our customers. Hongfa strives for innovation and come up with advanced technology solutions that cater to changing needs of the customers in sectors such as Energy, Transport, Industrial, etc. For future, Singodia Electronics will promote Hongfa relays aggressively in various emerging industries such as Smart Meters, Smart Lighting, Solar Inverters, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Power Electronics, Consumer Electronics and Telecom/Signal.





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