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    How education solutions can enhance student safety

    Increasingly, education institutions, from schools to universities, are harnessing new digital technologies to ensure students are always safe on campus. Here, AI-powered education solutions have a key role to play, providing automated alerts when students are in danger, and ensuring that only authorized visitors access the campus.

    Traditionally, teachers and other staff have been responsible for keeping students safe on campus by simply paying attention to incidents that happen around them. However, it is impossible for a relatively small team of teaching staff to constantly check on hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of students across large campuses with multiple indoor and outdoor areas.

    Additionally, schools, colleges and universities need to ensure that authorized visitors, such as students’ parents, can access the campus quickly and easily, while ensuring that strangers never come into contact with students.

    To keep students safe, many educational institutions are turning to the latest digital technologies – and smart education solutions in particular. With AI-powered solutions, alerts can be triggered in real time when students are in a dangerous situation, or if a stranger or other unauthorized visitors attempt to enter the campus.

    With access to real-time insights, teachers and other members of staff can do more to help. They can react quickly in the event of an incident or accident, and they can provide the help and support students need as quickly as possible to minimize negative impacts.

    4 key ways education solutions can increase student safety and wellbeing
    1. Alert school staff in real time in the event of a perimeter breach

      The latest generation of AI-powered solutions sends alerts in real time if unauthorized people breach the campus perimeter. With the ability to distinguish between human beings, and other moving objects such as animals, falling leaves and heavy rain, these kinds of solutions minimize false alarms and help security teams to focus on, and prevent, genuine intrusion incidents.

    2. Deny access to unauthorized visitors

      With AI-powered solutions for education, institutions can distinguish between authorized and unauthorized visitors to school or college buildings. This is achieved using smart onboard algorithms that recognize visitors, such as students’ parents and visiting officials, and grant them immediate access to the institution. These same systems also deny entry to people who are not recognized by the system, sending alerts to staff members in real time to enable fast, effective security responses. Additionally, these types of solutions can grant visitors access to certain areas of the campus for specified time periods, further helping to increase student security.

    3. Keep students safe on their way to school

      While campus security is paramount, parents also expect their children to be kept safe on the way to school. This requires smart solutions onboard school buses that ensure students get down where they should, that they travel to school without incident, and that they enter the campus safely. To achieve this, the solutions need to recognize students and ensure that they board the bus at their designated stop and arrive safely at school.

    4. Understand the popular areas on campus

      Another benefit for schools, colleges and universities is that smart video solutions provide a greater understanding of which areas of the campus are popular with students at different times of the day. AI algorithms in smart cameras can help with this by counting students in specific areas such as classrooms, corridors, cafeterias or gyms. The reports that are generated can enable management teams to understand which parts of the campus are popular and which are not, which, in turn, can help them evolve student communications or even adapt the campus accordingly. Such reports can also ensure compliance with fire and evacuation protocols, while also minimizing the risk of injury and the other potential risks associated with crowding in small areas.

    Find out how with Hikvision

    To maximize student safety and wellbeing on campus, education institutions of all types and sizes are deploying AI-powered solutions from Hikvision. These use a single, highly efficient ‘all-in-one’ architecture to deliver a wide range of smart solutions – including perimeter protection, comprehensive campus access control, an innovative school bus monitoring solution, people counting, and anti-bullying.

    Using these solutions, education institutions can improve student safety on campus and respond faster to any incidents – providing the required help and support on time.

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