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    How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Being Used in Design

    Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is easily one of the biggest technology developments in the past few decades. Both exciting and limitless in its possibilities, it is opening the doors to all kinds of creative applications. What started out as a high-tech and seemingly unapproachable technology has now become mainstream, with people using it in one way or another often without even realizing it.

    One area that AI has managed to have a real impact on is design. In fact, design has been completely shaken up thanks to this technology and the doors it has opened. But how exactly is AI being used in the design? Let’s peel back the layers and look a little closer.

    Use AI for the Monotonous Jobs

    There are plenty of jobs that designers have to do that feel monotonous, time-consuming, and frankly not all that creative. This is where AI could really step in and fill a void, freeing up the designers’ time and energy so they can direct it elsewhere.

    Some examples of these types of tasks include color correction on various photos, cropping photos, and even resizing images. A fair amount of time can be spent on these types of simple tasks, and AI has the ability to learn what to do and do it for designers.

    It Allows for Custom Designs

    Then there is the fact that AI can aid in custom designs. So many businesses, clients, and individuals prefer that custom touch to their particular design, as it helps to add a unique feature and makes the finished design more functional.

    A really intriguing example is custom stage design, meant for professional stage productions like concerts, plays, and so forth. Because these shows have such specific needs, a custom design from companies like Staging Concepts makes sense, and AI along with other technology makes the design concept that much easier to put together and showcase to the client.

    The Opportunity to Co-Create Designs

    Here’s a really innovative concept but imagine being able to co-create with AI and/or robot technology? That is quickly becoming the reality, as AI isn’t intended to take the place of a designer in a company rather it is meant to help them.

    It can spark creativity, help make the job go smoother and faster, and offer solutions that the designer may not have thought of. Again, the AI is meant to enhance the process not take it over.

    Use Voice Commands for Your Designs

    Now imagine being able to put together designs via voice commands. It sounds incredibly high-tech, but again it is the reality of where things are today. If you can use voice commands to create designs, then you can expect a much faster design process overall. Think of it AI as your digital assistant.

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    ELE Times Research Desk
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