Hikvision India Launches Next-Gen X-Ray Baggage Scanner with AI-based Intelligent Security Inspection System

    Hikvision India has launched Next Generation X-Ray Baggage Scanner with an AI-based intelligent security inspection system in India. It is one of the first X-Ray Baggage Scanners with AI-based intelligent security inspection systems to be introduced in India. The state-of-the-art security inspection system is embedded with integrated functions like intelligent recognition of threat objects, Real-time Video Monitoring and variable speed, etc.

    “We are proud to introduce the latest Hikvision X-Ray Baggage & Parcel Inspection System in India. It is powered by value-added features like threat identification, built-in Artificial Intelligence, Real-Time Video Monitoring, etc.  This newly introduced system is an innovative product offering in the security inspection product segment. We sincerely hope this AI-enabled inspection product will add tremendous value to the security inspection across the key verticals,” said Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.

    The key features of the Hikvision X-Ray Baggage & Parcel Inspection System are as follows:

    Video Linkage: The system has an in-built camera with a video recorder. It has more channels to show an operator’s video.

    Reliable Performance and Safety: Amazing image quality, double lead curtain design effectively provides extra shielding to minimize radiation leakage.

    Characteristic Function: speed can be changed according to the scene, supports access to Hik-central, and implement the data upload, Data storage supports local storage, view, and playback of the images and alarm information.

    Login Options: Supports login with face and fingerprint authentication.

    Hikvision X-Ray Baggage & Parcel Inspection System supports the detection of prohibited things by the deep learning algorithm. It supports the detection of 15 kinds of prohibited things, including Guns (Standard Gun, Non-standard Gun, Components), Knives (Restricted Knifes, Daily Knives, Military Knives), Bottled Liquid, Battery, Umbrella, Laptop, Cellphone, Aerosole Can, Scissor and Lighter.

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