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    High-powered SPDT Switches from Corry Micronics

    Single pole double throw (SPDT) switches make it possible to put a circuit in one of two modes and, using the switch, to alternate between the two. The High Power SPDT switches supplied by Corry Micronics feature the ability to switch between two modes in a high frequency.

    These are used most often in the military, medical or communications applications, or in any industry where the need for reliable high performing circuitry is crucial.

    High Power SPDT Switch Electrical Specs:

    • Frequency Range: 1-1.1 GHz
    • Power: 5KW Peak
    • Average Power: 100 W
    • Insertion Loss: 0.08 dB Max
    • Isolation: 40 dB Min
    • VSWR: 1.5:1
    • Duty Cycle: 2%
    • Pulse Width: 17 uS PRF 600 Hz
    • Switching Speed: 250 nS Typ. (50% TTL to 10%/90% RF)
    • Switching Rate: 2 KHz
    • Power Supply: +50V @ 50mA, +5V @ 350mA
    • Control: TTL
    • RF Connectors: TNC Female
    • Power/Control Interface Connector: 9 Pin Micro D-Sub Female
    • Hot Switching*: No *hot switching will cause damage, Cold switching only.
    • Cold Switching: Yes

    High Power SPDT Switch Mechanical Specs:

    • Housing Material: Aluminum
    • Finish: Blue Epoxy Polyamide Coating, No Paint on Mounting Surface
    • Sealing: Hermetic
    • Dimensions: 4.22” x 2.98” x .7”
    • Temperature (Base Plate): Operating: -45C to +85C Storage: -54C to +125C

    Schedule free, no obligation consult.

    If you are looking for high quality, customizable communications equipment, Corry Micronics is the leading supplier in the industry. Known for their reliable service and dedication to quality, Corry Micronics designs and produces High Power Amplifiers, Complex Filters, and RF/RS Switch Matrices. For additional information on our products, please visit our website. We also offer free consultations with no obligation.

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