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    Gravton Motors Launches Quanta e-scooter at INR 99,000

    Hyderabad-based startup Grafton launched its first all-new electric bike “Quanta” at INR 99,000 with a promotional offer of its charging station free of cost to limited users. The e-scooter is designed from the ground up with indigenously designed and developed components, Gravton said.

    Parshuram Paka, founder and CEO of Gravton Motors, said, “With the launch of our first electric bike Quanta today, my dream has come true. Quanta resonates with the true essence of not just Made in India but also Made for India. While this product is largely meant for riders from across the segments, we also have one coming up in the sports category, primarily meant for action-oriented passionate young bikers.”

    “We have architected and engineered every component in-house and appointed vendors, including some of the top component manufacturers, who can create components as per our configuration. This shows the credibility and believability of our products” he added.

    Based on the principles of sustainability and ‘Atmanirbhar’ or a ‘self-reliant’ India, Quanta comes with the world’s first rib-caged chassis designed to give agility and safety to the battery compartment from theft and accident. The chassis geometry and fine-tuned suspension help to manoeuvre the vehicle with ease and comfort in city traffic and even on unpaved road conditions, the Gravton release said.

    The e-scooter features a 3KW proprietary BLDC motor, an in-house manufactured motor that is engineered for reduced mechanical losses and increased efficiency which can achieve a top speed of up to 70 kmph.

    Quanta draws power from a 3 kWh Li-ion detachable battery and offers 150 km travel range that is extendable up to 320 km, on a single charge. Additionally, Gravton’s SES (Swap Eco System) boosts the confidence of the rider and offers convenience with an intelligent Urban Mobility Solution. The battery can be charged at home in under 3 hours and can be fast-charged with an optional proprietary charger in 90 minutes.

    The e-scooter comes with a smartphone app that offers features such as roadside assistance, mapping service stations, remote lock/ unlock and turning on or off the lights from a remote distance. Users can also check the whereabouts and overall health of the vehicle through the app.

    Quanta is available in three colour variants – Red, White, and Black. The black being the special edition is in limited supply. The vehicle is available for booking through the company’s official website.

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