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    Google Cloud and DSCI launch an initiative to boost cloud migration 

    In order to “demystify cloud security” and promote cloud migration, Google Cloud has teamed up with the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) to establish the “Secure with Cloud” campaign.
    The Indian IT industry’s trade association and advocacy group, NASSCOM, established the Data Security Council of India, a nonprofit organization promoting data security and cybersecurity. A “thought leadership program” called “Secure with Cloud” aims to interact with public secretary organizations in a variety of industries to educate them on the development of cloud platforms and cloud-enabled products and encourage them to support their security.

    The project, according to Google Cloud, aims to “capture the voice” of central and state IT secretaries’ top information and information security officers in order to persuade them to move their systems to the cloud.

    With this new initiative, DSCI and Google Cloud will work to create a platform for cloud migration that will enhance communication between the administration, regulatory agencies, CIOs, CISOs, CSPs, Cloud MSPs, Start-ups, Cloud-based security Enterprises and Service Companies, SaaS Players, among other stakeholders in the digital ecosystem.

    The ‘Secure with Cloud’ effort will also present frameworks and industry best policies for the privacy and security of startup and mobile app ecosystems. In order to show how cloud platforms and cloud-enabled products are designed, are highly secure, and can be utilized successfully to secure operations, it will also engage with public sector organizations across a variety of fields.

    A broad advisory committee that includes executives from a variety of industrial sectors, including IT services, consulting, cloud service providers, eCommerce, and digital payments, supports the effort and will provide additional guidance and assistance in achieving the objectives. According to Google Cloud, the program would also produce useful insights and develop story with evidence points, targeted roundtables,  and case studies.

    The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has also given approval to Google Cloud to partner with India’s Public sector organization in deploying cloud services.

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