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    GOEPEL electronic to present new 2D/3D camera module and other test and inspection solutions at electronica 2016

    tht-line-_-vario-line-kopieComprehensive, three-dimensional inspection is the keyword in the area of AOI in 2016. GOEPEL electronic (Hall A1, Stand 351) has developed a new camera module, which provides shadow-free 3D measurement at the highest speed. With the module 3D·ViewZ, 2D image acquisition technology and 3D measurement technology are combined. Orthogonal, telecentric image recording works together with four angled-view cameras and four fringe projectors for measurement of components and solder joints. All inspection technologies use one field of view (FOV) without additional axis movement. The integrated rotary drive also allows up to 360 projection directions for the 3D image acquisition. This makes the camera module 3D·ViewZ and the AOI system Vario Line the fastest 3D AOI all-rounder.

    GOEPEL electronic also has solutions for a wide range of test and inspection tasks.

    ·        THT Line: The AOI system for parallel THT component and solder joint inspection. Various configuration possibilities offer optimal conditions for your production of THT assemblies.
    ·        Basic Line·3D: The powerful stand-alone AOI. It provides 3D technology also for manufacturers of smaller batches.
    ·        X Line·3D: The inline X-ray system for comprehensive inspection of complex assemblies. The quality inspection if BGA, QFN and THT solder joints is only a small part of the great performance spectrum of the X-ray inspection system.
    ·        SPI Line·3D: it makes you find faults as early as possible in the production process. The solder paste inspection system is equipped with new software for even higher user friendliness and faster test program generation.
    ·        PILOT Connect: Different inspection data can be imported for a central data management. This allows secure, unique verification through display of all inspection results on one place – even from external systems!
    ·        JULIET Series 2: the compact Boundary Scan production tester. With fully integrated test electronics, power supply and changeable needle-bed adapter, it can be flexibly adapted to every UUT.  
    ·        RAPIDO RPS910: for larger production volumes, it offers reliable programming and testing in cycle time, especially for complex assemblies with components that are difficult to reach.
    ·        GCAT Gigabit Cable Tester: the test option allows a qualitative test of serial high-speed link cables instead of a simple connection test. Even during development, a sustainable transmission security can be identified.
    ·        JEDOS: the embedded diagnostic operating system performs both at-speed/real-time diagnostic function test and high-speed in-system flash programming, both in lab and production!
    ·        TESSY: the end-of-line function tester for the analog test of PLC modules.

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