Giada to showcase Latest Technology based solutions at ISE 2019

    Giada will display its high-performance media players with the latest x86 processors at booth 8-C460 during the ISE 2019 (Integrated Systems Europe) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from February 5 to 8. These new solutions are capable of powering multiple vertical industries, including retail, education, collaboration, fintech, transportation, and especially next-generation retail.

    Giada recently has released several new media players with the newest 8th-generation Intel Core Processors, including the D68 powered by Whiskey Lake CPUs and Coffee Lake OPS player PC68. D68, a book-sized PC, supports triple independent outputs of 4K displays and touch screen, can bring organizations all the performance and efficiency they require.

    PC68 is driven by Intel’s latest 8th-Gen Core processors, bringing organizations all the computing power and efficiency of these new Coffee Lake LGA1151 socket CPUs with their fast integrated graphics. Besides, video outputs with up to 4K resolution are supported, via one DP/HDMI connection (in the slim and compact 80 Pin JAE OPS format) for display resolutions up to 4096 x 2304 at 60Hz, and one additional HDMI connection supporting 4k image.

    Powerful Multi-display series

    To better support various customers’ requirements, Giada has also develop a series of AMD multi-display players, such as the G468. G468, a video-wall signage player adopting the AMD V1000 series processors, has four HDMI ports supporting 4K. The player, which supports dual-channel DDR4 memory (up to 32 GB), is an ideal solution for small and medium-size video-wall displays widely applied in restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls and institutions.

    Enriched Semi-industrial products

    In 2018, Giada has released several players to enrich its semi-industrial PC family, including the AE67-W1, ISC-261, an AP23 Pico-board, and the AS20. The AE67-W1 is a high-end fanless PC created to run 24/7, powered by a 7th generation Intel Core processors, and it is able to deliver smooth content to any of its (4K) connected displays. The PC adopts the design and manufacturing process of industrial PCs and supports wide operating temperatures (-20 °C-60 °C), and has wider applications, such as semi-outdoor kiosks.

    Available in two configurations, with Intel Celeron N3350 for maximum performance, or Intel Atom x5-E3930 designed for extended operating ranges, the ISC-261 excels through its high-efficiency processing and rugged design aimed at industrial use. The Celeron N3350 powered ISC-261 is optimized for performance in regulated environments along with an operator, while the Atom x5-E3930 powered version is certified for use in -20 °C to 60 °C (approximately -4 °F ~ 140 °F) environments, ideal for remote locations and situations where minimum human interaction is required, or possible.

    Powered by Giada’s popular AP23 Pico-sized industrial control board, the ISC-261 is built on an industrial pedigree. AS20, another family of the Semi-industrial PCs, adopts the Intel Bay Trail Atom E3815 processor. The machine, with six serial ports, features wide operating temperature from -40 °C to 70 °C (-40 °F ~ 158 °F).

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