Get Ready for Speed Thrill : Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One  loop is making drastic progress on its first full scale test track, which will demonstrate every phase of its first shipping Hyperloop transportation system, in the Nevada desert. The so-called ‘DevLoop’ site is under construction currently, and company released first images and video of its progress on Tuesday morning.

The goal is to get a test run in sometime in the first half of this year, using the 500 meter long DevLoop as a proof of concept to prepare for the construction of its first commercial installation, which is set to link up Dubai and Abu Dhabi across a roughly 100 mile stretch.  Hyperloop One has already ran a test of its propulsion system in the Nevada desert, which showed how its pods would be propelled in an open-air demonstration at a fraction of speed of the final version.

Company has undergone through many changes but CEO Rob Lloyd said that in January at CES that it’s now at the point where the technology is a reality, and all that remains is successful execution of the concept. The Hyperloop tech would make the distance of 2 hour trip  to 12 minutes, which will enable smooth  shipping of cargo between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.