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    Gate Drive DC/DC Range Expanded

    Courtesy: Recom

    Asymmetric regulated outputs suit IGBT, Si, SiC, and GaN cascode gate drives – It is now simpler than ever to generate power for IGBT, Si, SiC, and GaN cascode gate drivers with our new R24C2T25 DC/DC converter. The SMT part, in a compact 7.5 x 12.83mm 36-pin SSOP package, conveniently provides dual asymmetric output voltages, programmable by external resistor networks.

    One output can be set between +2.5 and +22.5VDC and the other between -2.5 and -22.5VDC with an overall positive to negative voltage of 18 to 25VDC, for example +15/-3V, to drive SiC gates efficiently. Voltages are maintained within +/-1.5%, preventing the risk of over-voltage and damage. Total power available is 2W up to 82°C ambient with 2.5W available to 75°C. Useful derated power is also available to the package maximum of 125°C.

    Isolation of the R24C2T25 is 3kVAC/1min with an ultra-low coupling capacitance of 3.5pF and a common mode transient immunity of +/-150V/ns. This makes the parts ideal for powering high-side gate drives with fast dV/dt and dI/dt power switch edge rates.

    The R24C2T25 features soft start, input under-voltage and over-voltage lockout, thermal shutdown, and output over-power protection. Output over-voltage and under-voltage lockout are also provided to ensure power devices cannot be stressed by invalid gate voltages. A power-good signal is provided along with ON/OFF control to put the device into standby mode with less than 700µA current draw.

    Automotive qualified DC/DCs

    DC/DC converters for use in automotive applications must be qualified to AEC-Q specifications for stress testing, performance and production process control, to reflect the harsh environment and to establish the reliability of the parts in their end application. For molded DC/DCs that integrate all components including magnetics, the appropriate standard is AEC-Q100, intended for ‘integrated circuits’. Manufacturers such as RECOM selling into the automotive market are also required to have a quality system compliant with ISO/TS 16949, including a Product Part Approval Process (PPAP), which ensures continuing quality of manufactured parts. The AEC-Q standards are a ‘base’ level and automotive customers can also require compliance with their own internal specifications, and a common one is that solder joints of modules such as molded DC/DCs should be ‘inspectable’ by automated optical equipment. Latest RECOM products using ‘3D Power Packaging’ technology include land grid array terminations which would normally require X-ray techniques for inspection. However, RECOM can now add the feature of ‘wettable’ flanks to their automotive qualified DC/DCs in a QFN package, which allows solder to flow up metallization on the edges of the package so that a good solder joint is verifiable.

    Miniature Power Supplies for Home Automation, Smart Homes & Smart Offices

    To meet the emerging demands of smart building applications, RECOM extends its existing low-power RAC series with new household certified AC/DC converters at lower cost.

    Intelligently networked smart homes and smart offices often require control systems with many low power nodes, actuators and sensors that are “always on”. RECOM’s cost effective AC/DC power supplies for home automation were specially designed to power smart building infrastructure 24/7 with very low standby power consumption (as low as 35mW), extra-wide input voltage range and full household (IEC/EN60335-1), CE (LVD+EMC+RoHS2) and industrial safety certifications (IEC/EN/UL60950). They offer compact sizes for easy installation both on- or off-board and deliver reliable, regulated, short-circuit and overload-protected local DC power with reinforced isolation to run smart home automation applications.


    Electric vehicles, disability scooters, and similar small vehicles require battery chargers and on-board power converters for motor drives and auxiliary equipment. The more complex products will also have features such as battery conditioning and bi-directional converters for energy balancing. RECOM and its subsidiary Power Control Systems as specialist for customised solutions, offers a range of AC/DC and DC/DC suitable for the applications, along with battery conditioners and power factor ‘front ends’. Proven platform designs are used which can be adapted to customer specifications for new custom designs.

    High-Power Converters in Industry

    Typical modern industrial processes need a variety of power conversion equipment – high power AC/DC and DC/DC converters, battery chargers/conditioners and power factor correction front ends. RECOM and its subsidiary Power Control Systems as specialist for customised solutions, has long experience of providing high-quality and reliable single- and three-phase battery chargers with output power ratings of 3.2kW up to 11kW and even higher with cascaded products. Battery conditioning functions can be included and standalone power factor correction ‘front ends‘ are available up to 4kW rating. Some parts are bi-directional for charge balancing. A range of 250W DC/AC inverters is also available. The following designs are intentionally developed as platform solutions, which enable RECOM to modify fast, easily and cost efficient these solutions to different customer needs.

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