Futuristic Engineering solutions for the energy sector at Gastech

QuEST Global, a global product engineering and lifecycle services company, will demonstrate its futuristic solutions for the Oil & Gas and Power industries at the Gastech Exhibition and Conference in Houston, Texas, USA. Aligned with the industries’ focus on digital engineering solutions and industry 4.0, QuEST Global will showcase its expertise across the product lifecycle, focusing on augmented reality, IIoT, artificial intelligence based vision analytics, digital manufacturing and design automation from September 17-19, 2019.

At Gastech, the company will demonstrate how they engage with oil majors, oilfield service (OFS) companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers in the Oil & Gas and Power industries to sustain legacy products  in the market, enhance productivity, enable tracking and remote monitoring of assets, and optimize costs. The demonstrations will revolve around QuEST Global’s multi-industry knowledge and rich experience in digital technologies, such as deep learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, data analytics and connected engineering, which will enable key players in the energy sector to achieve a competitive ‘digital edge’ in product engineering.

Arun Pai, President, New Business Development, QuEST Global said, “To keep pace with the changes in the industry, Oil & Gas and Power companies are looking to reduce operating costs, leverage new technologies and capitalize on business opportunities. Gastech is the perfect platform for us to showcase how we can equip global industry leaders to overcome complex engineering challenges in the areas of sustaining engineering, product development, operations and maintenance, and digital transformation. By managing the end-to-end product development lifecycle with integrated and specialized solutions, we believe that our customers in the energy sector have been empowered to maximize operational efficiency, to control costs and, most importantly, to focus on producing innovative solutions for a sustainable future.”

As a trusted thinking partner and a passionate pathfinder, QuEST Global aims to help its customers in Oil & Gas and Power industries to accelerate their product development and innovation cycles, create alternative revenue streams and make operations more efficient. Using next-generation technologies such as the IIoT, cloud and edge computing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, big data and predictive analytics, QuEST Global has successfully optimized upstream, midstream, and downstream processes for oil majors and OFS companies to accelerate product development throughout the product lifecycle.

For more information, visit: www.quest-global.com

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