Frictionless AOI inline system in the narrowest of spaces

New inspection system for placement inspection of THT components

Image 1: AOI system for use in the narrowest of spaces
Image 1: AOI system for use in the narrowest of spaces

Completely frictionless and maintenance-free with minimized footprint and unsurpassed inspection speed: GOEPEL electronic presents MultiCam Line, GOEPEL’s newest inline AOI system. Based on the unique multi-camera image acquisition module MultiEyeS, it provides placement inspection of THT components with a test speed of up to 300 cm²/s.


The camera module consists of multiple cameras arranged in a matrix-like configuration with a combined resolution of 120 megapixels. The images, captured in parallel, are merged together with an application-optimized stitching algorithm. Thereby, no x/y axis movement of the camera head is necessary. This results in a wear free and maintenance free system. Concomitantly, the space saving MultiCam Line can be integrated easily into the manufacturing process. A typical application is the construction of the system on an already existing conveyor. With a footprint of only 660 mm x 760 mm, an inspection area of 490 mm x 390 mm is covered.

Image 2: Integrated multi-camera module MultiEyeS
Image 2: Integrated multi-camera module MultiEyeS

On the software side, the MultiCam Line can be operated with the system software PILOT AOI. Highly powerful functions for component recognition, optical character recognition (OCR) and color verification are part of PILOT AOI. For automatic generation of test programs, a flexible import module for numerous pick and place data, Gerber data and CAD formats is available.

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