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    Fortinet’s Next-Generation System-on-a-Chip Accelerates the World’s Most Powerful Distributed Enterprise Firewall

    Fortinet Sets a New Benchmark for Secure Networking Performance and Enhances Fortinet’s Security Fabric for Distributed Enterprises, Branch Offices and Small Businesses

    Fortinet the global leader in high-performance cyber security solutions, announced the expansion of its Security Fabric with the introduction of its third-generation FortiASIC SOC3 System-on-a-Chip architecture. Fortinet’s SOC3 accelerates the new FortiGate 60E series security appliances to further speed its already best-in-class throughput with consolidated security and networking capabilities. The FortiGate 60E enables distributed enterprises, branch offices and SMBs to leverage the superior protection of Fortinet’s Security Fabric.

    The SOC3 more than doubles the secure networking performance over the enterprise-class CPUs found in competing security solutions and propels the new FortiGate 60E series distributed enterprise firewalls to unprecedented levels of security and performance.

    FortinetIndustry-Leading Security Meets Best-in-Class Performance

    The massive growth of the digital economy and explosion of traffic on corporate infrastructures are driving industry giants to adopt highly efficient custom ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technologies to meet surging demands and maintain a competitive advantage. Fortinet has been investing in this ASIC strategy since its founding and continues to drive network security innovation with its next-generation FortiASIC SOC3 security-specific processor.

    FortiASIC SOC3 powers Fortinet’s new FortiGate 60E series distributed enterprise firewalls and sets a new bar as the most powerful firewall in its class, outperforming competitive solutions available on the market today. The FortiGate 60E is the ideal entry point for distributed enterprises, branch offices and SMBs that require the advanced protection, networking performance, unified visibility and ease of management offered by Fortinet’s Security Fabric.

    Michael Xie, founder, president and chief technology officer of Fortinet was quoted as saying, “The limitations of traditional security solutions often require distributed enterprises and SMBs to compromise on network performance and ease of management to accommodate the advanced security needed to combat today’s expanding threat landscape. Eliminating this need to compromise is the driving force behind Fortinet’s continued investments into researching and developing innovative network security processing solutions that free organizations to deploy the advanced security solutions necessary to protect their organizations while enabling them to meet growing device and performance requirements today and into the future.”

    The FortiGate 60E series consolidates numerous security and networking functions into a single compact appliance:

    • Advanced Security: Enterprise Firewall, IPS, VPN Inspection, WAF, SSL Inspection and Cloud-Based Sandboxing
    • Performance Networking: Routing, Load Balancing, WAN Optimization, 3G/4G connectivity and 802.11ac WiFi

    These capabilities unlock deployment options such as software defined WAN (SD-WAN), while the new FortiWiFi 60E – based on the FortiGate 60E – adds high-speed 802.11ac wireless access point capabilities to further reduce complexity and eliminate the need for additional wireless equipment.

    All of these features are administered through an intuitive and unified management console that includes options for a cloud-based or hosted solution. These powerful management solutions arm distributed enterprises with the visibility, analytics and control offered by Fortinet’s Security Fabric.


    FortiGate 60E vs. The Competition:


    Specification FortiGate 60E (SOC3 ASIC) Industry Average*

    (Based on this price point)

    Distributed Enterprise Advantage using FortiGate 60E
    Firewall 3000 Mbps 630 Mbps 5x higher firewall throughput compared to industry average
    IPSEC VPN       (AES256 and 1400 bytes) 3000 Mbps 275 Mbps 11x higher VPN with AES256 encryption compared to industry average helps more users to securely access public cloud applications
    IPS Throughput 1400 Mbps 300 Mbps 5x higher IPS throughput compared to industry average benefits higher threat prevention
    SSL Inspection 340 Mbps 45 Mbps 8x better SSL inspection throughput compared to industry average provides complete protection against rising SSL traffic
    Concurrent Sessions 1.3 Million 0.27 Million 5x higher sessions compared to industry average increases the productivity as more users are getting benefit of complete security
    Power Consumption 5 W 15 W 3x lower power consumption enables high scalability

    *Industry Averages Calculated by Price Point of Competing Solutions Offered by CheckPoint, Dell and Cisco Meraki

    The Next-Generation of Security Processing

    Fortinet’s SOC3 leverages advances in silicon design to consolidate networking and security- specific processors onto the same die alongside a quad-core CPU. SOC3’s security-optimized architecture delivers deep security analysis and inspection capabilities that meet and exceed enterprise-class, general-purpose CPUs that power competing products. This architecture also yields design efficiencies that reduce power consumption to a meager 5 Watts and enable a fan-less design that runs quietly enough to deploy in any environment.

    “Organizations around the world are challenged by new and emerging threats on a daily basis. We’re excited to offer our clients within the SMB and retail space a Next-Generation firewall that delivers sophisticated network security tactics to combat these threats. Logix Infosecurity is very proud to be working alongside Fortinet as they continue to revolutionize threat intelligence and protection” said Nitin Patil, Director, Logix Infosecurity .


    Fortinet’s FortiASIC SOC3 System-on-a-Chip debuts in the FortiGate 60E series of distributed enterprise security appliances and is available.


    Learn more at


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