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    Flexible work environments for business continuity

    Natural disasters and public health emergencies can strike anywhere at any time. And when they do, organizations need to be prepared to protect their people and minimize disruptions to their business and the larger economy. Armed with digital workspace solutions from Citrix Systems, Inc. Many are creating Flexible work environments that provide access to the tools and information employees need to work safely and securely in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

    Keep on Keeping on

    “From a disaster recovery perspective, we’d like our employees to able to work from anywhere,” says Kyle Edgeworth, Deputy CIO, and City of Corona. “In the event of an emergency, we need to be agile. We need access to our systems and our data.”
    To enable this, the city, which has been affected by severe wildfires over the past two years, with citizens evacuated and homes destroyed, is implementing Citrix Workspace as part of a broader, cloud-first strategy to establish a platform for business continuity.
    “We want to get to a stage where employees understand that everything they need to carry out their work can be accessed through Citrix,” Edgeworth adds.

    Continue to Learn

    With more than 14,000 students unable to travel to Australia from China due to imposed travel bans, the University of Sydney turned to its technology partners for help.

    “The safety and security of our students, staff and community members are paramount. To enable our staff to deliver high-quality education that the University of Sydney is known for, we need to lean on technology that allows us to facilitate the sharing and consumption of knowledge in ways that are safe and secure,” said Jordan Catling, Associate Director, Client Technology, ICT, and University of Sydney.

    Leveraging Citrix ADC, the University was able to connect its China-based staff and students to and Citrix Cloud in AWS Sydney and provide access to the applications and data they need to continue teaching and learning from the comfort and safety of their residences.

    Prepare for the Worst and Deliver Best

    Coronavirus is clearly taking a toll on the global economy. Productivity is lagging as companies restrict travel and workers in affected areas remain quarantined. Supply chains are being disrupted as manufacturing in key markets has ground to a halt. And corporate forecasts are being revised downward as a result.

    But is isn’t the only crisis businesses today face. The talent crunch continues to wreak havoc as well. Korn Ferry recently forecast that by 2030, there will be a shortage of 85.2 million workers globally, and that it will result in lost revenue opportunities of $8.452 trillion. That’s a serious problem. But with digital workspaces, companies can overcome it too.

    They can, for instance, dip into untapped pools of talent such as the “home force” and bring back parents who’ve put their careers on hold to care for children, or people who left jobs to tend to aging relatives. They can set up Baby Boomers who retired, but still want to work a few hours a week. And they might even entice part-time, contract and gig workers to take on more hours and fill the roles they need to advance their objectives.

    “Few things in business are certain except change. And the pace with which it is happening is faster than ever before,” said David Henshall, President and CEO, Citrix, “Companies that adopt digital workspace solutions and create flexible environments that provide employees with everything they need to be and perform at their best, can not only keep pace, but quickly move ahead.”

    Citrix provides a complete range of digital workspace solutions that unify everything an employee needs to be productive into a seamless, intuitive experience. With Citrix, companies can empower people to work in a flexible, secure and intelligent way that unlocks their creativity and innovation and enables them to deliver better business results.

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