Unveiling world’s first Orchestrator for Interference-free networks

LiFi, or visible-light communication, has significant advantages over WiFi, such as data-transmission speed and the data security it offers because light does not penetrate walls. But wide adoption is constrained primarily because of interference between devices using LiFi networks and LiFi’s resulting poor performance in large areas.

Until now. CEA-Leti’s LiFi-multicell system is the first-ever smart interference orchestrator that automatically detects interference between lighting zones in networks and optimizes data transmission rates for each nearby device. The system also manages—asymmetrically and independently—uplink/downlink interference.

At CES 2020, CEA-Leti will demonstrate LiFi-multicell, which offers several advantages in addition to eliminating interference and supporting large-area coverage. These include uninterrupted connectivity for users moving in a network and fair allocation of resources between users who are experiencing interference and those who are not. The CEA-Leti technology is able to provide data-transmission rates up to 150 Mb/s over distances up to three meters by LED.

CES 2020 Demo

Visitors at CEA-Leti’s booth at Eureka Park – Sands Expo – booth #50463 will be able to rotate a table with three tablet computers on top to create interference. When a tablet enters the interference, the orchestrator detects its presence and optimizes the time slots allocated to nearby devices to mitigate the interference. The orchestrator can be hosted automatically by one of the light sources in the network.

For more information, visit www.leti-cea.com

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