Everest IMS is now an Independent Indian Entity

  • Everest Team from DMX Technologies forms Everest IMS, Becomes 100% Independent and wholly Indian Company
  • Everest IMS will be a part of Indian Government’s flagship ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ initiative

Everest IMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd (Everest), a specialized company in providing integrated IT solutions on October 26, 2017, announced that it will serve as a wholly Indian and independent company. Previously, the team Everest was working under DMX Technologies. Now it has moved out of DMX umbrella to form an independent entity under trademark and brand Everest IMS. The new entity has acquired the IPR of Everest software as also the existing business & customers of DMX Technology.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of Everest IMS. This new entity will continue to serve all the existing customers of Everest software with our products and services in ways that make a meaningful difference to their business and strengthen our position as the specialized IT solution provider,” said Satish Kumar VCEO at Everest IMS.

All the offering from Everest IMS Technologies will comply with Government of India’s flagship initiative ‘Make in India’ and will be suitable for ‘Digital India’ program. The new company will distribute three distinct products under the brand name of ‘Everest’, namely – Everest IMS (Unified IT Infrastructure Management Suite for IT, Networking and IOT Devices), Everest Service Manager (An ITILv3 based Service Management tool), and Everest Site Intelligence (Website Monitoring tool to enhance the end-user experience).

The formation of Everest IMS will help us to pursue our own initiatives and strategies as a fully independent company. The decision underscores our commitment towards Make in India. This will provide us a focused approach towards the market and help us to deliver maximum value to our new as well as the existing customers,” said Satish Kumar VCEO at Everest IMS.

Everest would continue to support existing customers of DMX while looking to branch out in newer ways to monetize the solution to customers globally. Everest IMS will provide an integrated solution for the ever-changing needs of customers that are challenging yet indispensable. It will address the pain points of CIOs and IT managers across verticals like IT/ITeS, Defence, BFSI, Telecom, Manufacturing, and Retail.

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