ETSC Technologies Co. Ltd and PicoQuant open up a show-room for time-resolved fluorescence test measurements

    On 26th April, PicoQuant and ETSC Technologies celebrated the formal opening of PicoQuant Application Center China in Wuhan Future City at the heart of China’s Optical Valley. The guests of Honor of this ceremony were Mr. Chen Huafen (deputy director of Wuhan Future City) and Mr. Wu Jiawei (vice director Industry Investment Promotion Office) while ETSC Technologies was represented by Mr. Wang Huiwen (president) and Ms. Marian Xiao (vice president). Mr. Rainer Erdmann (CEO) and Mr. Uwe Ortmann (head of sales and marketing) attended on behalf of PicoQuant.

    The new Application Center will be serving potential customers from all over China, providing them with the opportunity to perform test measurements with their own samples on PicoQuant’s time-resolved fluorescence spectrometers and microscopes. The center starts out equipped with the fully automated, high-end and modular FluoTime 300 spectrometer featuring most currently available accessories. In the near future the MicroTime 200 time-resolved, single molecule sensitive confocal fluorescence microscopy platform will also be available for customer test measurements.

    During the ceremony, Rainer Erdmann explained the motivation behind the formal opening: “PicoQuant is highly customer oriented. We are a leading brand in this field and want to provide our customers with the best possible experience, so that our instruments will be beneficial for their research. It is therefore a great pleasure for us that researchers from China now have the opportunity to perform test measurements locally.”  Wang Huiwen added “Wuhan Future City is one of China’s leading science and technology innovation center focusing on world-class cutting edge R&D in various fields including optoelectronics. The opening of this application center is a great opportunity for the many highly talented researchers, engineers and students from the 13 national laboratories and about 58,000 companies to experience the capabilities of PicoQuant products first hand.”

    PicoQuant GmbH is a world leader in the development and production of high-end Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) electronics, picosecond pulsed diode lasers as well as time-resolved microscopes and spectrometers. ETSC Technologies Co., Ltd, with its abundant know-how of photonics solutions and 20 years of application experience, provides services ranging from trial measurements to system building.

    Many test measurements have already been successfully carried out for a range of famous institutes including Tsinghua University, Peking University, HongKong University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as for well-known enterprises such as QTEC, QuantumCTek, or L’oreal (China).

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