embOS: The RTOS in Billions of Devices and Its Optimizations for STM32

embOS is a real-time operating system from SEGGER, a member of the ST Partner Program, that runs on all STM32 microcontrollers and is currently in billions of devices, all microarchitectures combined. Among other things, it is particularly efficient as its kernel ROM size is about 1,700 Bytes, and its RAM size is a mere 71 Bytes while context switching only takes 320 clock cycles on a Cortex-M4 STM32F407IG. Comparatively, a paper from scholars at the University of Suceava in Romania estimates that on the exact same MCU, alternatives can take as much as 1,340 cycles while the fastest ones in their benchmarks dropped to 462 cycles at best. embOS is also popular because it is objectively reliable as the company puts forward its IEC 61508 SIL 3 and IEC 62304 Class C certifications which enable the OS to be in medical, automotive, or avionics applications, among many others.

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