ELEXCON 2018: Fueling for Growth of China’s Electronic Market

ELEXCON 2018 Shenzhen International Electronics Fair concluded on December 22, 2018 at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. ELEXCON displays the latest technologies and the products from sectors like electronic, embedded system, IoT, automotive intelligent technology and smart factory.

Organizers by Shenzhen UBM Creativity Exhibition Co., Ltd., ELEXCON 2018 co-located with the 7th Embedded Expo, EV & Autotronics China and Mechatronics Expo 2018. Elexcon drew 800 exhibitors and domestic and international professional audiences that reached 60,000. Elexcon witnessed more than 20 professional forums and conferences with more than 100 local and overseas speakers.

Key devices include ICs, MCUs, electronic components, power electronics, sensors and that drive artificial intelligence, IoT systems, smart driving, 5G network and electric vehicle solutions. Thid time ELEXCON 2018 featured a dedicated halls for IoT and automotive electronics, electric vehicle, and 5G technology.

ELEXCON 2018 was a marvelous display of products and technologies. A few of the companies are worth mentioning:

HOTCHIP Technology: A semiconductor industry e-commerce platform

Lion, CEO, hxbuy.com

Hxbuy.com, a semiconductor industry chain e-commerce platform, offers efficient and high-quality comprehensive component industry services. The company envision to become the first service provider of the semiconductor industry. The company is working for its mission to engage the world market by China.

HOTCHIP ships approximately 60 billion chips annually. HOTCHIP is an Amazon like portal that offers the best price in the market. The most important USP of HOTCHIP lies in the fact that it offers a uniform price for one or one lakh piece. For buying one piece or one lakh pieces, per unit price will remain the same.

Hotchip has been Aiming at global semiconductor arena by offering the highest C/P ratio products and turnkey solution with deep dedication in consumer digital portfolio with company’s core technology to cultivate supreme Chip solution for massively innovative customization during the past decade.

Hotchip takes this responsibility to play a major role of a green power chip design expert and a chip customization supplier. The company also has introduced its customers with a wide range of one-stop solution for portable power bank, chargers, e-cigarettes, Bluetooth, TWS cabinet power solution with portfolio of PMIC/ LDO/ Converter and other wide spectrum of innovations.

HOTCHIP has a massive plan for Indian electronics market. For HOTCHIP India has become an indispensable member of the international electronics supply chain, as well as a large country of demand. At the same time, India also needs to connect with the huge electronic supply chain that China’s Reform and Opening has developed over the past 40 years. HOTCHIP will hope to help China’s semiconductor small and medium enterprises to directly connect to India’s manufacturing industry. HOTCHIP wishes come to India as soon as possible, but it needs to be mature in the overall operation and system and supply chain organization. HOTCHIP expects to start the project in Q4 of 2019 and complete in 2020, which can let Indian electronic peers use HOTCHIP to easily purchase the best semiconductor products in China.

AMOLED: AMOLED is an ‘active-matrix organic light-emitting diode’. It adds a layer of semiconducting film behind the OLED panel which allows it to more quickly activate each pixel. That increased speed makes it ideal for larger, higher definition displays with a lot of pixels. By 2022 China will have 60% of AMOLED. As of now only four Companies namely ST, TI, Maxim and Samsung have this technology.

HOTCHIP has invested heavily in the research and development of AMOLED chips since 2015. Under the unremitting efforts of dozens of engineers, it has finally achieved great results. During the exhibition, the world’s top technology products independently developed by HOTCHIP has been revealed and the IC for Powering AMOLED Displays is grandly launched. This chip directly controlled the power consumptions, life-span, output color brightness of AMOLED screen and driver chip. A key part of the

AMOLED industry chain is widely used in mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices, automotive electronics displays and other fields.

AMOLED driver IC had been all monopolized by Europe & US suppliers. Soon, HOTCHIP will become the 5th participant not in the world, but also the sole provider in China that has the technical strength to cooperate with AMOLED panel suppliers both in common or tailor-made ways.

In order to resolve the pain points of the industrial chain, HOTCHIP Group has formulated the strategy of industrial Internet while relentlessly cultivating R&D technology. Combine with the tools of the Internet to create an industrial ecology, and use domestic chips as an entry point to create a new eco-system of semiconductor products and applications.

Under the “one Belt and one Road” policy of China, HOTCHIP looks forward to further exploring the India electronic market, deeply cooperate with the vast number of India customers, and bring the one-stop semiconductor Internet innovation service to the India market. The company hopes to establish long-term cooperative relationship with the vast number of electronic manufacturers and customers in India to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.