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    element14 showcases TE Connectivity’s product solutions

    Search, review and choose the right solutions from TE Connectivity for electrified railway transportation and more

    element14 has partnered with TE Connectivity (TE), a global leader in connectivity and sensors, to feature unique high-voltage components for transportation applications in its storefront, including products focused on rail system operations, for a range of climate and environmental conditions.

    These high-voltage components are equipped to help meet the evolving needs of public transportation in growing cities. The products are commonly used for installation between an electrified train’s pantograph and transformer or between train cars to safely connect the train’s power and data systems.

    “As urban centers continue to grow quickly, engineers are tasked with finding technical solutions that support the needs of public transportation, specifically electrified railways,” said Sean Mak, head of Supplier Management – Connectors, element14. “These engineers can visit our TE storefront pages to select, review and purchase the proper solutions that meet these and other transportation design needs.”

    element14’s portfolio of TE transportation components includes connectors, relays, switches, application tooling, and wire and cable management:

    • Connectors: A comprehensive offering of more than 10,000 connectors, including gold plated phosphor bronze D sub connectors and MTE receptacle connector housing, are available to make electrical and mechanical connections between conductors easier for engineers.
    • Relays: The broad range of industry-leading relays include automotive, power, safety and signal, in addition to accessories such as sockets and clips.
    • Application tooling: The portfolio includes a wide range of battery, hydraulic and manual tools to crimp the catenary connectors and droppers of electrified railways.
    • Switches: Key-lock operated, pushbutton, rocker, rotary, slide, tactile switches and more are available.
    • Wire and cable management: Suitable for most polymeric cables, TE’s high-voltage and medium-voltage wire and cable accessories require short installation times, reducing the number of outages.

    Engineers can access element14’s new TE storefront for more information to support the development of next-generation technologies for rail transportation at

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