Easy programming and verification of Renesas Electronics’ automotive microcontroller

Emulation technology extended for automotive microcontrollers by Renesas

The VarioTAP emulation technology from GOEPEL electronic is now available for the RH850/F1L group of microcontrollers (MCU’s) from Renesas Electronics. Thus, it is possible to operate the processor via the native JTAG debug port as a design-integrated test and programming tool.

The VarioTAP model contains all relevant access information of the target processor and is part of a comprehensive IP library (Intellectual Property). This allows the user to take advantage of the processor as a native tool for prototype hardware design validation and production test. Moreover, the method also provides the use of dynamic tests and accelerated in-system flash programming.

The new VarioTAP model makes these techniques now available for the Renesas RH850/F1L group of MCUs. The high performance processors are balanced with very low power consumption. Rich functional safety and embedded security features make the RH850 family suitable for new and advanced automotive applications. The controller is supplied in a QFP package with up to 176 pins and can be adapted via the JTAG interface. VarioTAP can be utilized to provide design-integrated tools for test, hardware debug, Flash programming and design validation after chip mounting.