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    Eastman Auto and Power Limited launches state of the art Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU

    Eastman Auto and Power Limited (EAPL), a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all kinds of energy storage provider, announced the launch of ‘State of the art Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU’- one of the most advanced solar off-grid MPPT PCU in the Indian market. Eastman’s Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU consists of a solar charge controller, inverter, and a grid charger all in an integrated form.

    The Off-Grid Solar PCU is designed to enhance the use of solar power and uses Main/DG Power only when the solar power is insufficient to meet the load requirements. This unique system offers three operating modes- Smart Mode (PCU gives first priority to solar, second priority to batteries and third priority to the grid in smart mode), PCU Mode (PCU gives first priority to solar, second priority to the grid and third priority to the battery in PCU mode), Hybrid Mode (PCU works well with solar as well as batteries. Grid charging only takes place when solar power is not available and battery discharges to a low-level trip. The solar MPPT PCU comes in 4 different models 3KVA, 5KVA, 7.5KVA & 10KVA.

    Speaking on the occasion Mr. Harinder Singh, President Solar & Marketing, Eastman Auto and Power Limited said, “Solar is clearly the energy of the future. With the present government’s thrust on solar, it is gaining a larger share in India’s energy basket. We at EAPL have been instrumental in strengthening and upgrading the power back up industry. We are now focusing on Avant Garde solar power products to offer more energy efficient choice to our customers. We are constantly evaluating solar applications in order to reach a wider customer base at the grass root levels as well.  The solar-powered Off-Grid MPPT PCU is an ideal solution designed to meet the lighting requirements of a household.”

    Some core features that make Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU a smart option for you are:

    • Intelligent mixing of grid current with solar in case of solar energy shortfall
    • Advanced DSP based technology
    • Built-in energy meter
    • Pure Sine wave output
    • LCD screen for user convenience
    • Intelligent selection models for High/Medium/Low power cut areas.
    • Temperature compensated charging (ATC technology)
    • Highest efficiency in its class
    • Remote monitoring and data logging
    • Advanced MPPT technology with 99.9% tracking efficiency
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