Three Reasons This Op Amp App Is Much More Than an Op Amp App  


ST op-amps (for iOS and Android) is the first mobile app that guides engineers in their search for the right operational amplifier (op-amp) while also offering a cross-reference feature to find ST alternatives to competing devices. Op amps are one of the fundamental building blocks of an analog circuit as they amplify a signal without compromising it with significant interference. As a result, we find them in many different settings, such as a hardware unit for arithmetic computation (add, subtract, etc.) or to guarantee a host microcontroller (MCU) can process the data from a low power sensor. Although they can sometimes be overlooked, op amps play a crucial role in a design’s performance, and choosing the right component, like the TSU111, the most precise nano-power operational amplifier, can have enormous consequences on the battery life of the final product, for instance.

As a result, ST op-amps is much more than a simple app cataloging devices, but a way to keep engineers and enthusiasts abreast of the latest developments and releases, thanks to its news section accessible straight from its home screen. Furthermore, the application also downloads its content on the mobile device after its first launch so users can still enjoy it offline regardless of where and when they need a particular information that will be crucial to finishing a design. Indeed, ST op-amps is a great companion. Its “Product Selector,” “Schematics,” “Technical information,” and “Cross reference” features are powerful, and although it’s impossible to explain in detail everything this rich application offers, let’s look at the reasons that make it so much more than just an op amp app.

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