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    Dyson making Huge Investments in India

    British tech firm Dyson will pump GBP 150 million (about Rs 1,300 crore) into its Indian operations over the next five years as it looks to make inroads into the burgeoning consumer durable market here.

    The company, which on Thursday launched its products in the Indian market, will set up 20 stores across Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

    “India is a very important market for us and we see a lot of potential here. We expect it to be one of our top markets in the next few years,” Dyson Chief Engineer and member of Dyson Board, Jake Dyson told PTI.

    He added that the company’s engineers spent time in Indian homes to ensure its products meet the local requirement.

    Dyson, which operates in over 80 countries, counts markets like the US, the UK and China among its largest.

    “In India, we will invest GBP 150 million in the next five years. This will be directed towards retail expansion and other activities,” Dyson said.

    The range launched today includes cord-free vacuum cleaners (starting Rs 32,400), hair dryer (Rs 27,900) and air purifiers (starting Rs 34,900).

    “We will offer products through our own retail stores, direct to home and online through our website and,” Dyson said.

    He added that the company will set up 20 retail stores – which would also act as demo zones – in top 10 Indian cities and the first one is slated to come up in Delhi.

    “Initially, the focus is on these key cities and as we see demand from other cities, we will take a call(on expanding there),” he said.

    When asked if the company plans to manufacture its products in India, Dyson said it would depend on the sales volume.

    “We are aware that some of the components are sourced from India and so, it would make sense. But depending on the volume we see, we will take a decision,” he said.

    The company may also explore setting up R&D unit in India, he added.

    On marketing, Dyson said the brand would focus on the digital medium.

    Apart from the traditional sales channel, the company also intends to focus on direct selling, a route that companies like Eureka Forbes have embarked on years ago.

    Dyson said the company would have an in-house team for after-sales service.

    “We want to manage the entire lifecycle, right from the purchase to after-sales, in-house right now as it will enable us to offer superior customer experience,” he added.

    ELE Times Research Desk
    ELE Times Research Desk
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