Devtech Megasaver the new dimmable electronic ballast for High Intensity Discharge lamps


    Megasaver is dimmable electronic ballast for High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps. It is a retro-fit one box solution which gives constant light output.

    The product has an additional mega lumen switch feature that can boost the lamp lumen by 10%. The static dimming feature can be used to adjust lighting levels varying from 100%, 95%, 90%, 85% 80%, 75% & 65% and increase energy saving. The controller can be at a distance of up to 15 m from the lamp and can handle wide input voltage range between 90V-305V AC. This can save up to 15-40% energy.

    This is an ideal product to be used for street lighting in municipalities, industrial townships, go-downs, roads, railway yards, ports, sports stadium, billboards to name a few.

     Devtech Group Controller

    When it comes to lighting automation such as remote monitoring and controlling group of street lights, Devtech M2M, through its proven technology provides the best of solutions in the form of Devtech GCMS. It is a GSM/GPRS/3G/4 G/Equivalent proven technologies installed in a feeder or switching point. On the basis of precise sunrise & sunset time depending on geographical location, Devtech GCMS can automate street light control throughout the year.

    It performs reporting of energy metering and failure information to central control station at variable time intervals. It achieves instant fault reporting via SMS along with fault information & details of location. Group Controller has built in astronomical feature with high precision real time clock. It has self-protection from short-circuit, over voltage, over load, 40KA surge protection and anti- theft alert. It has IP 65 / 66 protected enclosure.

    This product is ideally suited for any Feeder level controlling applications for Street Lighting, High mast / High bay Lighting, Industrial lights, Municipal Corporations, Bridges & Tunnels, Parks & Township, Mines, etc.

     Devtech Surge Guard

    Devtech Surge Guard is the voltage surge protection device and is an ideal solution for providing the maximum protection of Outdoor lighting investments and essential for all electrical installations in high risk areas.

    The Surge Guard offers protection without replacing a protective earth connection, making it a unique solution. Surge Guard is an addressable surge suppressor and this can be used for series as well as parallel configuration.

    It also has LED indications for the system fault indication. It can be automatically maintained by Surge Guard is available in various sizes like 10 kA / 20 kA / 40 kA.

    This is an ideal product for any electronic panel, Lamps (HID / LED) and for any electrical – electronic installation.

    Devtech Fugen

    Devtech Fugen is addressable electronic ballast for HID lamps. It is a retrofit one box solution that replaces conventional magnetic ballasts, PF improvement capacitor and external ignitor. It isintegrated Lonworks PLCC enabled individual digital lighting controller for High IntensityDischarge lamp. One can remotely monitor, switch ON / OFF, dim and obtain details like energyparameters, failure analysis of individual lamps independent of each other.

    This is an ideal product for HID Lighting fixtures and can be used for Street Lighting, High mast /High bay Lighting, Industrial lights, Municipal Corporations, Parks & Township, Bridges &Tunnels, Mines etc. where addressability, remote monitoring of such lights is required.

     Devtech LCG 2500

    Devtech LCG 2500, a digital lighting controller drives multiple lamp types automatically andenergy efficiently. LCG 2500 includes a built-in metering engine which captures and reports all thereal time energy metering parameters as well as records the historical usage type data such asenergy consumption (KWh) and lamp burning hours with automatic detection of failures thatenable warnings and reports.

    This is an ideal solution for LED segment Street Lighting, High mast / High bay Lighting, Industriallights, Municipal Corporations, Parks & Township, Mines etc. in powerline communicationmodes.

    Devtech LCG 6000

    Devtech LCG 6000 is an integral component of the smart street lighting solution and perfectchoice for installers to automate their street lighting assets and take control and realize savingsright from day one. The automation helps you to track and conserve energy and enables energysaving. The module operates in the Sub­GHz RF range worldwide ISM bands for internationalmarkets.

    This is an ideal solution for LED segment Street Lighting, High mast / High bay Lighting, Industriallights, Municipal Corporations, Parks & Township, Bridges & Tunnels, Mines etc. in RF communication mode.

    The Application Suite is a cloud based energy management software which canbe used for remote monitoring. It has monitoring features like Geo mapping, Energy Analysis,Lamp Life Time, Real Time Log. Smart scheduling helps incredibly in controlling applications,whereas Real Time Logs, Energy Analytic, Graphical Views and Lamp Lifetime support greatly inmonitoring the remotely installed lamps. It enables authorized end users to configure segmentcontroller and collects segregates data collected by many such segment controllers. This data isthen brought into central database.

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