On-Demand Webinar..Automated Void Analysis Using Micro CT Slice Feature

Truly Automated Light and Color Measurement for Tell-Tales and Indicators

Evaluating the accuracy of light and color across instrument clusters is a challenge compounded by several factors. The number of indicators, the varying location of symbols, and the range of colors on an automotive display prove complex for automated inspection systems and human inspectors alike.

In this 30-minute webinar, Shannon Roberts, Product Manager at Radiant Vision Systems, presents Auto-POI – the latest technology for light and color measurement of multi-point inspection areas using an Imaging Colorimeter, enabling truly automated evaluation across entire instrument clusters.

This free webinar features veteran Sales Manager Sheri Martin. Sheri explains how YXLON’s laminography Micro CT Slice Feature, found in Y.Cougar and Y.Cheetah systems, is applied in a case study of a double-sided microchip inspection.

Learn how…

  • to achieve valid void calculation results when inspection areas overlap
  • detector tilt is strategically incorporated into the 3D image capture process
  • to interpret automatic inspection results

This 7-minute webinar leverages expert narration, video, and still images to explain an essential X-ray system feature.

To Watch the Webinar, Visit: https://goo.gl/v1Pyrc

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