Matrix integrates COSEC access control with SATATYA video surveillance

    About COSEC – SATATYA Integration:

    Nowadays Video Surveillance, Access Control and Time-Attendance are integral part of any organization. However, organizations can get the best when integrated and perform important functions that enhance security. Looking at the market requirements, Matrix has integrated its Access Control and Time-Attendance solution (COSEC) with Video Surveillance solution (SATATYA) on Ethernet to enhance security, restrict proxy punches, and avoid unauthorized access of users.


    Feature Description:

    Surveillance camera attached with the recorder or Enterprise Video Management software takes a snapshot of the user when user punches on any Access Control or Time-Attendance device. It takes snapshot even when a user is not allowed or is unauthorized to access. Moreover, a detailed report along with the user’s snapshot is generated as and when required. The feature performs live streaming of what’s happening in the organization and also sends real-time notifications to the concerned person in case of an emergency. Thus, Ethernet based COSEC – SATATYA integration provides organizations with fool-proof security.


    • Organizations having frequent footfalls on day-to-day basis can track in and out punches accurately.
    • Organizations where security is the prime concern can make the most out of this solution.


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