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    Contributing to the creation of an IoT society and technical innovation in the automotive sector

    ROHM will be exhibiting at the CPS/IoT Exhibition at CEATEC Japan 2018 from 10/16 (Tue) to 10/19 (Fri) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba prefecture. With the theme of ‘Move Forward with Our Semiconductors’ this year we are showcasing the latest technologies and solutions developed with an emphasis on greater compactness, lighter weight, and higher efficiency to support Smart Society 5.0 and contribute to solving social issues.

    Key Applications


    We will introduce power devices that deliver higher efficiency and energy savings in industrial equipment along with wireless components and sensors that contribute to society by providing greater comfort and convenience. In addition, we will showcase a demo that can monitor the operational status of equipment in real time and allows for easy retrofitting in existing factories while supporting increased productivity through improved visualization.


    The trend in the automotive industry is towards greater computerization, such as electronic powertrains and automated driving. And with the increasing awareness for safety, the environment, and comfort, semiconductor and electrical components are expected to hold the key to technological innovation.

    We will exhibit a cockpit demo that leverages a number of key ROHM devices and technologies to support the evolution of automotive systems by introducing several features that are expected to be put to practical use in the near future.

    ROHM Technologies:

    Industry-Leading Analog Technology

    Leveraging the advantages of a vertically integrated production system with industry-leading analog expertise covering circuit design, layout, and processes allows ROHM to offer class-leading analog devices and solutions. We invite visitors to check out our latest, most advanced technologies, including the Nano series optimized for cutting-edge power supplies, power supply ICs designed for high-resolution audio, and op-amps featuring the industry’s lowest noise.

    SiC Solutions and Application Examples

    SiC power devices have entered the full-fledged adoption phase. In addition to the latest devices, we will introduce solutions unique to SiC, including control ICs that maximize performance as well as evaluation and simulation tools that support user environments. At the booth we will also have adoption examples of portable/onboard chargers and inverters used in Formula E, the premier racing class for electric cars.

    Earthquake Detection Sensor Module

    In recent years measures are being taken to detect earthquakes and stop equipment safely for the purpose of suppressing fires, preventing secondary disasters, and facilitating early recovery. However, it was difficult to distinguish vibrations caused by earthquakes vs contact by people/animals. In response, ROHM developed an earthquake sensor module that eliminates erroneous detection by utilizing an a proprietary high-accuracy algorithm featuring a high correlation to seismic intensity. We will be showcasing a demo that allows users to experience the superior accuracy of ROHM’s solution.

    ROHM’s Playground

    These days the electronic landscape is expanding to include prototyping and initial set development. ROHM supports open innovation initiatives by supplying easy-to-use development kits that support the creation of new ideas and engineers involved in manufacturing. Continuing on from last year, at CEATEC 2018 we are planning on a number of fun and interactive exhibits centered around the theme of ROHM’s Playground.

    Orizuru Project

    Waseda University students, inspired by ‘orizuru’, developed a new type of aerial vehicle called ‘Wi-Fly’ equipped with an ultra-light MCU board utilizing ROHM Group products. Come and experience this new Orizuru Project capable of horizontal flight and vertical takeoff and landing.

    ROHM Open Hack Challenge

    This is the 3rd year of ROHM’s Open Hack Challenge. ROHM is upping the ante with its Monozukuri Contest that solicits prototype entries utilizing ROHM products. At the show we will exhibit excellent works from a variety of talented entrants.











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