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    Connect more with TI’s portfolio of wireless connectivity modules for Industry 4.0 and IoT designs

    fbd_swrs187aTI expands its module portfolio with new Bluetooth® low energy certified module with integrated antenna

    Wireless connectivity modules have become increasingly popular with Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) developers because advanced integration helps lower development costs, eases burden on RF design,  reduces time to market and simplifies procurement and certification. Texas Instruments (TI) on October 25, 2016, announced an expansion of its industry-leading wireless connectivity module portfolio with the availability of new SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® low energy certified modules with integrated antenna which provide the longest range with ultra-low power consumption. In addition to the new Bluetooth low energy modules, TI offers modules to ease development of products with Wi-Fi®, dual-mode Bluetooth, Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo connectivity technology and more. Learn more at

    Designing with TI’s wireless connectivity modules provides an array of benefits to developers including:

    • Industry-leading RF performance with lowest-power, longest-range and proven interoperability with extensive quality and reliability testing.
    • Quicker development time thanks to pre-certified modules for FCC/IC/CE/TELEC country specific regulations and Wi-Fi Alliance certification, along with integrated antennas and TI tools ecosystem. TI also offers certified software stacks for the Bluetooth specification. Additionally, with the new SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy modules, developers have the flexibility to use the module as a single-chip solution or as a wireless network processor to easily add Bluetooth low energy to a range of IoT applications.
    • Proven and dependable supply with millions of modules already shipped worldwide, offering easy migration path from module to IC solution for future additional cost reduction. TI also offers worldwide support through TI E2E™ community and sales channels.

    In addition to the TI module portfolio, designers can take advantage of many third-party wireless module suppliers using TI wireless chips that offer additional options of form factor, antenna, software and design services.

    Development kits and evaluation

    TI’s wireless connectivity module-based development kits are available now on the TI Store and through TI authorized distributors:

    o   WL1835MODCOM8B evaluation module: $39.79

    o   WL1837MODCOM8I evaluation module: $49.99

    o   WL18XXCOM82SDMMC evaluation module:  $69.99

    Learn more about TI’s wireless connectivity modules:

    • Visit our wireless connectivity website on
    • Watch our training videos to learn more about wireless connectivity.
    • Stay connected by subscribing to the ConnecTIng Wirelessly blog.
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