Companies join hands to address CMOS Image Sensing for non-mobile applications

CMOS imaging systems provider SmartSens and image stabilization innovator MEMS Drive, in collaboration signed a cooperation agreement to support further research and development in the fields of CMOS image sensing and chip-level optical image stabilization (OIS) technologies.

Moreover, the sensors will feature added stabilization control to the rotation of the sensor, achieving optimal stabilization with five axes.

“Optical image stabilizing technology is one of the hottest areas of research and development in the fields of DSLR and mobile cameras, and is unprecedented in nonmobile applications such as AI video capturing,” Chris Yiu, SmartSens CMO, said. “SmartSens’s collaboration with MEMS Drive in the area of nonmobile image stabilization opens up new possibilities in this field.”

Both the organisations plan to explore the potential of chip-level stabilization technology beyond the field of digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. Through its collaboration with MEMS Drive, SmartSens will introduce chip-level antivibration technology into CMOS image sensors and make this technology available in nonmobile applications enabled by artificial intelligence, such as security and machine vision. These sensors will feature added stabilization control as well.