Chogori Launches M12 Connectors for Intelligent Sensing and Control Applications

    M12 Series connectors combine increased I/O capability with mechanical robustness and smaller packaging.

    Chogori, a supplier of rugged and harsh environment connectors, has expanded its harsh environment connector offering to include a wide range of M12 connectors for industrial I/O and sensing applications. The field-proven, IP67 connectors support various protocols via A, B and D code options built into the male/female mating connectors, including fieldbus applications such as Profibus and EtherNetIP. Designed for advanced sensor and actuator applications, several of the the M12 Series connectors are field installable, simplifying on-site installation into automation & control systems; robotics; safety devices; sensors for bar coding, bottling, labeling, packaging, and other intelligent conveying systems; specialty semiconductor equipment; and more.

    chogori-m12-series-pr-imageThe M12 connectors are designed to meet industrial requirements including the IEC 61076-2-101 standard. Offered in straight and right angle versions, the IP67/IP68-rated male and female connectors are available with coupling nuts in brass or stainless steel to ensure connectivity in rugged and high-vibration environments. With customizable cable type and length, the M12 field installable connector solutions offer design flexibility that saves installation time and costs.

    “Our M12 connectors meet the high I/O and size requirements of today’s industrial control and sensing applications without sacrificing the mechanical integrity required in industrial designs,” said Kelvin Ng, Sales Director. “We continue to develop new products and innovative technologies to meet next gen requirements in the industrial market and beyond.”

    Pin configuration and termination varies from 3, 4, 5 and 8 pins with screw-in termination, and 12 pins with solder termination. Chogori’s offering includes metal and plastic unshielded connectors for cables with OD ranging from 4mm to 7.5mm.

    The M12 Series connectors have a rated voltage up to 250V, a current rating up to 4 Amps, and an operating temperature of -25 degree C to 85 degree C.

    For more information on Chogori’s complete offering of M12 connectors, visit

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