Can AI Protect Forest and Natural Resources

    Apprehensions about Climate Change and the need to overcome it is a major concern today. Climate Change directly affects the ecosystem thereby giving rise to threats in the forest and green natural resources.

    Researchers found that 43% of Forest and Natural Resources are damaged in Germany and will continue if strict measures are not taken by now. Today, Science can now help take countermeasures and make forest ecosystems more resistant.

    Thus preventing these natural and organic resources is the main challenge. Technology today accounts responsible for most of the prevention measures. AI is such an example, which could monetise, analyse, predict and control such situations of danger.

    Forest Management and Intelligent Assistance System

    The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in collaboration with  EDI GmbH – Engineering Data Intelligence and the Forestry Sector is now developing the EDE 4.0 assistance system based on artificial intelligence for a sustainable ecosystem.

    Experts believe soil properties play an important role. Forest management has to respond and carefully balance various aspects in order to help foresters make optimal data-based decisions.

    The proposed assistance system based on AI is a software solution that will result in a mobile application that can be operated from anywhere. This will also support local foresters on the possibilities of planting a new tree and other perspectives of management.

    For efficient functioning, data from different sectors would be collected and analysed. Further, this assistance system will consider the local knowledge and expertise of foresters too thereby making them indigenously capable of preventing and managing resources.

    By: Mannu Mathew | Sub Editor | ELE Times

    Mannu Mathew
    Mannu Mathew
    An engineer and a journalist, working, researching, and analyzing about the technology sphere from all possible vector, Currently working as a Sub-editor / Technology Correspondent at ELE Times

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