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    Button Board releases the tiniest yet powerful AI enabled development board

    ButtonBoard is an innovative circuit board designed by ButtonBoard LLC. to transform digital interactions and connectivity for individuals and businesses through a wide range of capable projects. With cutting-edge technology like OTA and wireless connectivity at its core, ButtonBoard revolutionizes efficiency and simplifies IOT communication and Wearable design in a remarkably compact yet powerful package with many inbuilt sensors in size of just 3 cm. It is a circuit board that is almost the size of a quarter but surpasses other boards in the same segment in terms of capabilities, despite its compact size.

    “At ButtonBoard LLC, we believe in simplifying technology to enhance our lives. With the launch of ButtonBoard, we are excited to offer a solution for creators that seamlessly connects people using IOT and wearable electronics with systems, empowering individuals and businesses to achieve greater efficiency and productivity,” said Mr. Ashwini Kumar, CTO at ButtonBoard LLC.


    The board enables GPT interfaces through APIs and includes tinyml, tensorflow lite and similar software interfaces that allows developers and creators to begin with AI projects. Additionally, Chat GPT assistance is available on the platform’s website to help authors finish their ideas. It gives engineers a disruptive tool that may help with creating code, recommending circuits, and resolving design issues.

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    “With ButtonBoard’s AI-powered capabilities, the future is at your fingertips. Unleash the potential of artificial intelligence in a compact circuit board.” Mr. Alan Jacob, Co-founder at ButtonBoard LLC added.

    Unlike other boards and kits, ButtonBoard has built-in sensors and a power voltage regulator for effective power management, which other boards and kits are unable to provide for wearable electronics design engineers. It is perfect for designing wearable electronics and miniaturizing electrical circuits since it contains a variety of sensors in the small package that is just 3 cm in diameter.

    ButtonBoard serves as a highly capable and portable circuit board that can be used in countless environments, thanks to its built-in temperature, humidity, air pressure, and motion sensors. Its small size opens the doors for creators to design motion tracking, air gesture recognition, and global positioning with the help of GPS. The altitude sensor further enhances the possibilities for tracking. Additionally, ButtonBoard is capable of WiFi mesh, which boosts the design and engineering of new products and projects.

    Key Features of ButtonBoard:

    • Complete IoT system in a coin-shaped form factor, measuring 3cm in diameter, saves you space constraints in wearable electronics design and project prototyping.
    • OTA firmware upgrades/uploads support helps in updating and upgrading the deployment without any hassle, speeding up prototyping and design.
    • Support for CHAT GPT on board, plus GPT helpdesk on the ButtonBoard Web platform, opens the doors for learners and/or design engineers.
    • With its own power management system and various sensors, it provides a perfect IoT and wearable electronic design.

    The DIY electronics company plans to use its fundraising page and main website for sales, membership, and kits, empowering them to provide the best glimpse of the future to young circuitry innovators in the USA, India, South Africa, and many other countries around the globe.

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