BIM Advancement Lab launched in Bhubaneswar & Bentley Institute in with MSME Toolroom

The Centre will foster BIM engineering knowledge among students & educators. Bentley Institute brings its experience and BIM Best practices from BIM Advancement Academies from all over the world such as Cross Rail BIM Advancement Academy in London.

Vinayak Trivedi, Vice President and Global Head Bentley Institute, said “In these days of mega Infrastructural projects the focus of architects, engineers, constructors, owner-operators is on executing projects within time and cost- which is at the heart of 5D BIM. In order for students to be competitively employable with a career of their choice, while it is important for them to supplement their knowledge with practical experience of cutting edge technologies and tools, it is equally important that engineering institutes expose students to the big picture of project execution. This can be achieved through Academia – Industry collaboration and BIM Advancement Lab at CTTC, Bhubaneswar is one good medium to bring all that together.”

Mr. Sibasis Maity, Managing Director, CTTC the visionary was delighted on such world class facilities coming up in Bhubaneswar, he Congratulated the CTTC faculty and students while advising students to make the best use of this technology for their career.

Mr. L Rajashekhar, Deputy General Manager of CTTC , who has brought The Bentley BIM Lab here was delighted and guided students that they should get rid of inertia of learning and accepting new things and innovative changes around them. These technologies and processes implemented at their institute will immensely benefit the students and will create a road to success for students in the state of Odisha.

Mr. Sangram Mohanty of Advanced Educare Training Pvt. Ltd. (AET), said “The Vision of AET, as the Channel Partners of Bentley, is to improve the lives of people by empowering them, Educational Institutions collaboration initiative was taken to bridge the gap between the industry and the academia, through continuous skill development programs.

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