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    AXILSPOT Unveils AIP10L Outdoor Access Point

    AXILSPOT, a global leader in enterprise WLAN solutions has rolled out AIP10L Outdoor Access Point embedded with the company’s proprietary Rscan Antenna Technology.

    AIP10L is designed with the flexibility to function as standalone AP, or simplify centrally managed by AXILSPOT AC to reduce deployment and management effort. Ideal for high-density public venues such as airports, conventions centers, plazas, malls, smart cities and other outdoor scenarios.

    It also boasts of the latest MIMO technology, delivering high-performance Wi-Fi access with up to 1.2Gbps to meet high capacity demands. Packed in a rugged enclosure (IP67 rated) with top-spec components, optimized for long-range outdoor coverage and robust wireless connectivity, AIP10L offers a cost-effective, high capacity, and reliable outdoor wireless solution.

    The industry’s leading 802.11ac outdoor access point is dedicated to long range access coverage and best in class throughout. Besides top-spec antenna and hardware designing, AIP10L also features powerfulTurboRF technology, including airtime fairness, intelligent load-balancing, auto-RF adjustment, band steering and sticky client elimination etc.

    AIP10L helps to create a more reliable and high-performance WLAN infrastructure and keeps up with the bandwidth demands from the growing number of wireless devices and applications. Deployed along with controller it also delivers industry-leading, end-to-end simplified security and supports all the mainstream security standards such as WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA-E, 802.1X, Active Directory integration, Social Login, Web Portal, SMS authentication etc.

    Further detailing the industry leading features of AIP10L, Pinaki Chatterjee, Regional Director, India & SAARC, AXILXPOT said, “AIP10L has been tailored keeping in mind the soaring demand for WLAN infrastructure in India as the country is witnessing a rapid digital transformation. The access point incorporates state of the art features including our iconic Rscan technology which can meet high bandwidth requirements with ease.

    Centralized Management:

    Beside standalone mode, AIP10L can be centrally managed by the MOBULA management system, which centralizes the management, provisioning, and monitoring of wireless networks, scaling from a small network to a larger and complex network with seamless scalability and simplicity.

    Salient Features of AP10L include:

    • Latest 802.11ac technology with data rate up to 1.2Gbps
    • Built-in antenna, or external antenna
    • 500M LOS wireless cover range
    • Supports up to 400+users
    • Layer 7 Application Fingerprinting and QoS
    • Automatic RF Optimization with Spectrum Analysis
    • Built-in Carrier & Enterprise Grade Security
    • Stand-alone, Cloud, and On-premises Centralized Management
    • 802.3at PoE-In supported
    • Co-location with 3G/4G Base Station
    • IP67 rated, weather and dust sealed
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