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    Avnet’s Tech Solutions now at Amazon Web Services Authorized Government Reseller Program

    Membership in the AWS Authorized Government Reseller Program enables partners to access AWS-based solutions within state and local government organizations and the education market

    Avnet, Inc. on February 14, 2017, announced that its Technology Solutions business can now provide solutions on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud to state and local government organisations and education institutions (SLED) through the AWS Authorised Government Reseller Program. Avnet partners can address their SLED customers’ needs through the award-winning Avnet Cloud Marketplace, which provides a one-stop shop for cloud service offerings and solutions. The AWS Authorized Government Reseller Program enables Avnet to resell AWS services to its public sector customers around the world.

    The program is designed for APN Consulting Partners who have built their AWS practice to include value-added solutions, services, or support, such as professional services and management of customer AWS deployments.

    “Membership in the AWS Authorized Government Reseller program adds a valuable element to the Avnet Cloud Marketplace by giving our partners access to deliver innovative AWS cloud solutions,” said Sergio Farache, senior vice president of strategy and specialist business units for Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. “We can now give our partners a new set of resources and tools that allow them to quickly serve government customers and their unique workload needs while providing them with solutions to better serve their constituents.”

    Partners will be able to engage Avnet’s dedicated solutions specialists to develop complete AWS-based cloud solutions and navigate the unique needs of the SLED market and related regulations. Partners will also be able to access:

    • A secure web-based portal with functionality that enables resellers to simplify, track, manage and optimise AWS provisioning, usage and invoicing
    • Technical resources, account provisioning support, and monthly reporting
    • Dashboard and drill down views across all accounts
    • Automated individual and aggregate account usage reporting
    • Multi-tier/multi-customer bill reporting
    • The ability to manage to price and discounting by customer

    Partners targeting the SLED market can further increase their skills through Avnet’s award-winning education services, which feature a wide variety of training and certification offerings. Specifically, Avnet is an AWS Authorized Training Partner that teaches IT professionals and business leaders how to deliver cloud-based solutions and applications. Partners can also offer this AWS training to their customers for additional revenue opportunities and to help ensure their customers get the most out of their new technology investments.

    Avnet’s membership in the AWS Government Reseller Program builds upon Avnet’s solutions specialist approach to accelerate the channel’s abilities to capitalise on next-generation technologies that are rapidly growing and defining the future of computing and the data centre. Avnet also provides the channel with in-depth expertise in complementary technologies, including cognitive computing, data analytics, the data centre, the internet of things (IoT), mobility, security and enterprise networking, and training and education.

    For partners interested in learning more about Avnet’s Cloud Marketplace, please visit the Avnet Cloud Marketplace website, or contact your Avnet account representative. For specific information on this program, please visit the Avnet AWS Government Reseller Program web page. For AWS-related training and education offerings from Avnet, please refer to the ExitCertified web page for AWS Training.

    To learn more about how Avnet can help partners grow their businesses, visit

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