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    Avnet Showcases Trailblazing Technology Solutions for Electric Vehicles at Future Mobility Asia 2023

    Leading global technology distributor and solutions provider Avnet Asia will take part in Future Mobility Asia 2023, with a broad focus on decarbonizing Asia’s mobility ecosystem. This year’s event will take place over three days from May 17 to 19, at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Bangkok.

    The theme of this year’s event, “Jumpstarting the Electric Vehicle Value Chain in Asia,” provides the ideal platform for Avnet to showcase its deep expertise across a wide range of technologies that are integral to the development and mass-market adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Avnet is the Sole Visitor Bag Sponsor at this event, which is expected to attract an audience of more than 18,000 trade professionals, thought leaders, ASEAN Government officials and transport fleet owners and operators.

    Located at Booth No. MD17, Avnet will demonstrate ingenious EV solutions jointly developed with its valued suppliers: AMD, Amphenol, AMS Osram, Molex, Onsemi, STMicroelectronics, TE Connectivity, Toshiba, and WeEn.

    “Avnet is working closely with suppliers and customers, at component, module and system levels, to accelerate the development of EVs in Asia,” said Tan Aik Hoon, Regional President of Avnet South Asia, Korea and Avnet United. “EVs are no longer an emerging market, but rather a market inevitability. In view of the fast-dwindling depletion of fossil fuels and escalating environment pollution concerns, many nations have already set deadlines for discontinuing the manufacturing of internal combustion vehicles, and Asia is expected to lead the global shift to carbon-neutral mobility. The future of cars is clearly electric, and we are racing to meet it head on. From software and Cloud solutions to high-performance BMS and charging stations, we are developing solutions for every step in the value chain.”

    Here are some of the EV solutions that will be on display at Avnet’s booth at Future Mobility Asia 2023.

    • EV chargers for two- and three-wheelers and electric carts,developed by Avnet Design Services, feature a scalable design platform, from 600W to 1.6KW, in a modular design.
    • Avnet AVT9152 Module and EVB,developed by Avnet Design Services, feature a module with Nordic nRF9160 and nRF52840, offering BLE, low power LTE and GPS technology in a single solution. The module can be directly powered by battery and embedded with BLE antenna, and is certified to conform to FCC, CE, RCM and BQB.
    • Avnet NEMA LoRaWAN Streetlight Controller,developed by Avnet Design Services, features remote monitoring with AC input power, voltage and current; power factor and frequency; total on-time; total operating time, temperature and metering; an alarm for voltage sag and power failure; and a remote control for ON/OFF, operating time and scheduled dimming.
    • BergStak 0.4 and 0.5 Board to Board connector, developed with Amphenol,features a small pitch BTB/FPC to Board connector used in camera and Lidar application, with height speed, low cost, and USCAR-2 qualification.
    • Position sensing technologies,developed with ams OSRAM, protect position sensors from interfering magnetic stray fields and reduce angle error so that – despite often harsh environments – they operate with accuracy and reliability. The sensors overachieve ISO 11452-8, which specifies tests for the electromagnetic immunity of electronic components to magnetic fields for passenger cars and commercial vehicles regardless of the propulsion system.
    • High-Speed FAKRA Mini Coaxial Cable Solutions (HFM),developed with Molex, were designed to meet the evolving needs of the automotive market for more complex ecosystems with tighter space requirements. This solution offers customers design flexibility, with reduced PCB footprint by up to 48% on the front edge of a PCB.
    • Quad-row,developed with Molex, is the world’s smallest board-to-board connector. Designed to meet product miniaturization demands, it creates nearly limitless opportunities across a wide array of industries and applications including smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, and AR/VR devices.
    • A Smart Factory Automation Demo System, developed by STMicroelectronics, highlights the use of IO-Link, an industrial protocol that helps configure and monitor devices remotely. With a PLC (programmable logic controller) integrating various ST components including temperature sensor, time-of-flight proximity and ranging sensor, 4-channel Low-Side Driver for Tower Light, 32-channel High-Side Driver for Air Solenoid Valve, and a customer’s RFID reader/writer, the demo remotely controls a robotic arm to start or stop with human proximity sensing.
    • ECK series and 2.0mm Signal GRACE INERTIA (SGI 2.0) connectors, developed with TE Connectivity, offer design flexibility and efficient assembly for power and signal applications. ECK series (NO-DM) high-voltage DC contactor is designed for control in new energy applications. They are hermetically sealed and enable high switching voltage up to 1000VDC. SGI 2.0 connectors feature a compact 2.0mm pitch to support PCB miniaturization and are available in surface mount and insulation displacement contact (IDC) versions to support automated assembly processes.
    • High-performance SiC MOSFETs,developed with Toshiba, reduce power loss during switching.
    • A range of AECQ-101 qualified products,developed with WeEn, are primarily intended for EV chargers and on-board chargers (OBCs). They include silicon controlled rectifiers, fast recovery diodes, silicon carbide diodes and silicon carbide MOSFETS (to be released).
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