ATX115SL/SLE Mechanical-Bearing, Screw-Driven Linear Stage

Aerotech’s ATX115SL and ATX115SLE linear positioning stages combine the performance capabilities of a high-precision crossed-roller-bearing positioner with the convenience and simplicity of a ball-screw drive mechanism. Outstanding motion performance and a variety of advanced options and features offer superb value and make the ATX115SL/SLE an excellent choice to use in high-performance applications.

Superior Motion Performance

Featuring anti-creep crossed-roller bearings and a precision-ground, fine-pitch ball-screw, the ATX115SL/SLE boasts excellent geometric performance and minimal angular error motion. With up to 150 mm of nominal travel, the ATX115SL/SLE offers superior minimum incremental step size and in-position stability compared to other stages that utilize recirculating ball bearings. This makes the ATX115SL/SLE ideal for many high-precision tasks such as vertical positioning of sensors and cameras, optics focusing, and beamline measurement and manipulation applications.

Linear Encoder Option

The ATX115SLE offers an integral center-mounted linear encoder to provide direct position measurement at the stage’s moving carriage. The typical effects of backlash commonly associated with screw drives are virtually eliminated when using the linear encoder as a position feedback device. Applications that require exacting workpoint performance benefit greatly from the ATX115SLE’s direct linear encoder. Options are available with either incremental (1 Vpp and digital TTL) or absolute output signals.

Design and Integration Flexibility

The ATX115SL/SLE is designed with a variety of standard features and available options allowing it to be easily integrated into a larger subsystem or machine, or to serve as a stand-alone positioning axis. It mounts to both metric and English optical tables and features a versatile customer mounting interface on the moving carriage to which other positioning stages or equipment can be mounted. Brushless, slotless servomotors, with or without a holding brake, as well as stepper motors, are available options. The ATX115SL/SLE can be equipped with an optional motor foldback kit in order to reduce the overall length of the stage. This is particularly useful in vertical-axis applications where space is limited. Vacuum- and cleanroom-compatible variants are also available.

Mitigate Thermal Errors with ThermoComp

Temperature changes and thermal effects are often the most detrimental sources of error in precision machines, and screw drives are particularly susceptible. All ATX-series stages are available with Aerotech’s ThermoComp feature, an integrated temperature compensation solution that delivers accurate and dependable positioning performance in the presence of thermal disturbances. It protects the stage from the effects of variable-temperature environments and friction-induced self-heating, ultimately providing stability to the user’s process, even in extreme industrial environments.

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