Association of European XFEL GmbH and Onefive : Development and Commissioning of All-Fiber Front-End System

Onefive GmbH and the Laser Group of European XFEL, an X-ray freeelectron laser in the Hamburg area that recently started commissioning, have successfully joined their expertise in the development and commissioning of an all-fiber front-end as part of a unique laser system for experiments at the new research facility.

The European XFEL GmbH is developing high power burst mode femtosecond pump-probe lasers to be used for experiments in combination with the facility’s X-ray beams . The ultrashort, high-intensity X-ray laser pulses available at the facility will enable studies of ultrafast processes in solids, gas-phase, chemical and biomolecular structures, and extreme states of matter down to the atomic level. Its pumpprobe lasers will typically activate samples, followed by probing with the X-ray pulses. These laser sources rely on very high-power and high-energy sub-picosecond pulses at 1-µm wavelength, arranged in low duty cycle burst patterns. At the heart of the European XFEL pump-probe laser design lies a fully optical fiber based front-end laser system. This new laser system, the Origami – 10 XP Dual Burst, is highly specialized and has been customized by Onefive to the unique requirements of the pump-probe laser.

Onefive brought in its expertise in low-noise ultrafast laser physics, advanced packaging, industrial-grade manufacturing and systematic testing to build this all-fiber laser system. This laser system is seeded with an ultra-low noise femtosecond laser at 1-µm  with consecutive pulse picking and amplification. It provides dual output ports for multiple beamlines for simultaneously providing the seed and pump line for a noncollinear optical parametrical amplifier. It is bursted with flexible burst time and can provide burst-to burst variable repetition rate while keeping other parameters constant. It can be completely remote controlled, is integrated in the European XFEL software environment and the laser head is entirely passively air-cooled for low vibration and excellent beam pointing stability.

Onefive lasers are designed and qualified for 24/7 operation under harsh environments. A focused product development approach provides a dust-sealed, maintenance-free small footprint product with reliable turn-key operation at a competitive price throughout the complete product fleet. Please visit our webpage to discover our capabilities of ultrafast, industrial lasers:

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