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    ASMC 2023 Opens With Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Excellence in Focus

    More than 85 experts will offer insights on the latest semiconductor manufacturing strategies and methodologies as hundreds of industry stakeholders gather at the 34th annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC 2023), opening in Saratoga Springs, New York. Advanced semiconductor manufacturing topics ranging from yield management and metrology to new developments in improving post-pandemic manufacturing agility will take center stage at the May 1-4 event.

    ASMC 2023 features keynotes by thought leaders from Infineon, SkyWater Technology and Semiconductor Advisors. The conference, the premier event for industry professionals to network and share insights into best practices for semiconductor manufacturing, is co-chaired by Larry Pulvirent, Lead Manufacturing Integration Engineer at AIM Photonics, and Jan Rothe, Sr. Manager Global Manufacturing Solutions Strategy and Architecture at GlobalFoundries.

    The Women in Semiconductors (WiS 2023) program takes place in conjunction with ASMC 2023. The program addresses the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

    ASMC 2023 technical sessions will cover topics including:

    • Advanced Equipment Processes and Materials
    • Advanced Metrology
    • Advanced Process Control
    • Advanced Semiconductor Technologies
    • Big Data, Automation and Analytics
    • Contamination Free Manufacturing
    • Defect Inspection
    • Equipment Optimization
    • Workforce Development
    • Yield Enhancement / Yield Methodologies

    ASMC will also feature the panel discussion Unintended Consequences of Government Subsidies on Moore’s Law and the Future of Semiconductors. Panelists will include:

    • Sam Howell, Research Assistant, Technology and National Security Program, CNAS
    • Sanjay Tripathi, Vice President, Semiconductor Technology and Services, IBM
    • Robert Maire, President, Semiconductor Advisors
    • Rick Glasmann, Vice President North American Operations, TheMAX Group
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