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    ASM SMT Solutions Win SMT China Vision Awards

    ASM SMT Solutions (ASM) has maintained its position as an innovative industry leader for many years, as proven by the many awards won by the ASM team for its solutions. When the SMT China Vision Awards were presented this month in Shanghai, the new powerful SIPLACE TX micron was honored for “Excellence in Pick-and-Place Machines – High Volume“, while the DEK MASS system prevailed over the competition in the “Screen Printing Systems” category. The two awards were officially presented during the Nepcon Asia trade fair. Based on extremely strict standards including innovation, cost effectiveness, usability, ease of maintenance and advanced processes, the Vison Awards focus on honoring trendsetting innovations in the electronics production field. The judging panel for the SMT China Vision Awards is made up of professors and recognized SMT experts in addition to selected readers of SMT China Magazine.

    “It is a great honor that the evaluation committee selected ASM, and we are very proud to be honored by one of the industry’s great trade publications. The awards given to ASM prove our innovative strength and our leading position in the market”, said Eric Zhao, Senior Marketing Manager. “As an advanced global equipment supplier for the electronics manufacturing industry, ASM ensures that its customers can tackle the current Covid-19 challenges. Even in 2020, when the epidemic was at its most serious, we continued to bring first-class software and hardware to the Chinese market. Examples include ASM Remote Smart Factory for remote device support, expert session support and free online learning to help customers improve their efficiency and enhance their competitiveness and resilience. ASM is the industry’s reliable technical partner, focusing on quality, service, and, of course, its customers’ success. “

    More efficiency and precision for high-density applications and SiPs

    The new SIPLACE TX micron features more speed, precision and flexibility for advanced packaging and high-density applications. With its improved 20-nozzle SIPLACE SpeedStar high-speed placement head, technology leader ASM has managed to raise the machine’s performance by roughly 23 percent to up to 96,000 components per hour while increasing the component spectrum by 37 percent. A single machine covers the three precision classes of 25, 20 and 15 µm @ 3σ, making it possible to operate with component pitches of as little as 50 µm and place 0201m components at full speed. Special functions for thin-die handling deliver significantly higher yields when assembling system-in-package modules or submodules.

    High-precision alignment of singulated substrates

    DEK MASS (Multiple Alignment of Singulated Substrates) enables the screen printer to print on multiple singulated substrates simultaneously with a single squeegee sweep, and to do this with a never-before-seen level of precision and efficiency. The alignment accuracy of this new ASM tooling reaches an unprecedented ± 4 microns. To do this, each substrate is placed on its own alignment tower with a product-specific vacuum tensioning device, which makes it possible to align all substrates simultaneously and with maximum precision. The bottom line: a significant increase in throughput compared to systems with sequential alignment.

    The mission of the SMT Solutions segment within the ASM Pacific Technology Group (ASMPT) is to implement and support the smart SMT factory at electronics manufacturers worldwide.

    The SMT Solutions Segment of ASM Pacific Technology

    ASM solutions such as SIPLACE placement systems and DEK printing systems support the networking, automation and optimization of central workflows with hardware, software and services that enable electronics manufacturers to transition to the smart SMT factory in stages and enjoy dramatic improvements in productivity, flexibility and quality.

    Since maintaining close relationships with customers and partners is a central component of ASM’s strategy, the company has established the SMT Smart Network as a global forum for the active exchange of information between and with smart champions. In addition to being a founding member of the ADAMOS joint venture for the development of an IIoT platform for manufacturing companies, ASM is establishing together with other SMT manufacturers the open HERMES standard as a successor to the SMEMA standard for M2M communication in SMT lines.

    For more information about ASM visit

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