Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning

Machine learning can predict market behaviour

Machine learning can assess the effectiveness of mathematical tools used to predict the movements of financial markets, according to new research based on the...
digital transformation

Digital transformation – life in the future

Digital transformation is proceeding apace. How is it changing our lives? Instead of putting a record or CD on, we stream millions of songs on...
Intelligent Automation

Microchip Partners with Machine-Learning (ML) Software Leaders to Simplify AI-at-the-Edge Design

Microchip Technology announced it has partnered with Cartesiam, Edge Impulse and Motion Gestures to simplify ML implementation at the edge using the company’s ARM Cortex...
Smart Cities

Smart Cities and Infrastructure : Secure, Sustainable Smart Cities and the IoT

If you think your city is crowded now, just wait. The United Nations believes that in 2050, there will be 9.6 billion people on...

Driving the Future: What is an AI Cockpit? Intelligent interiors are transforming transportation

From Knight Rider’s KITT to Ironman’s JARVIS, intelligent copilots have been a staple of forward-looking pop culture. Advancements in AI and high-performance processors are turning these sci-fi concepts into...

ebooks launched by element14 to support innovation among engineers

element14 community members can download Raspberry Pi and 5G eBooks for free at . The AIoT book is available to download for free at element14,  the...

Unleashing Edge Intelligence on XILINX FPGA through Corazon-AI

The Rising Need for EdgeAI Traditionally, Artificial Intelligence Solutions have all been dependent on the cloud with most of the data filtering, pruning and computing...
Artificial Intelligence

Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

Recognising the need for cooperation at international level if we are to tap the full potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ensure that it...

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