ARM releases Cortex R8 core for LTE Advanced Pro and 5G



A quad-core configuration boosts the total Cortex-R8 performance, which when combined with its real time features and extended low-latency memory makes Cortex-R8 the highest performing processor in its class.

The Cortex-R8 processor designed by ARM is available for licensing now.

The Cortex-R8 is compatible with existing software so design cycles will be reduced, says the company, allowing developers to extend their real-time product ranges based on a single CPU architecture.

“5G will revolutionise mobile communications as it delivers the ability to significantly increase data rates, offering a far better mobile experience,” said ARM’s James McNiven. The Cortex-R8 is the most powerful real-time CPU available.

“The ARM architecture is the trusted standard for real-time high-performance processing in modems,” said Daniel Diao, deputy general manager, Turing Processor Business Unit, Huawei. “As a leader in cellular technology, Huawei is already working on 5G solutions and we welcome the significant performance uplift the Cortex-R8 will deliver. We expect it to be widely deployed in any device where low latency and high performance communication is a critical success factor.”

ARM silicon partners have already begun design work. SoCs based on the Cortex-R8 targeting the mass storage market segment are likely to be available in 2016.

Modem designs using Cortex-R8 processors will support the rollout of the new LTE Advanced Pro and 5G standards.