Appier Appoints Chief Strategy Officer to Drive Growth

Company also announces plan to expand operations in Japan

Appier, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced on September 26, the appointment of Microsoft veteran Sean Chu as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Chu will help drive the company’s growth as it moves to create new AI platforms to help enterprises solve their business challenges. Based in Tokyo, Chu will also lead Appier’s operations in Japan and Korea.

The company also announced plans to expand its operations in Japan to better support existing customers as well as drive demand for Appier’s AI solutions in the country.

Sean Chu, Chief Strategy Officer, Appier
Sean Chu, Chief Strategy Officer, Appier

“It’s important for Appier to build a team that can support our organization’s ability to scale as we move into our next stage of growth. Sean’s appointment as our CSO is a key milestone for the company as we continue to build more AI platforms for businesses. His experience across geographies, functions and industries and deep knowledge of enterprise customers will be very important for the company,” said Chih-Han Yu, CEO of Appier.

Chu brings over two decades of experience in enterprise technology and media. Before joining Appier, Chu served as Senior Director, Central Marketing Group, at Microsoft Japan. He has also held leadership positions in a variety of companies including Sony Pictures Entertainment, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC and Motorola. He has worked in the US and supported operations in Europe and Asia.

“I am delighted to be joining such a talented team at Appier. The company has serious AI engineering talent and they’ve already successfully demonstrated the ability of AI to transform the digital marketing space. We look forward to taking this capability into other parts of the enterprise,” said Chu.

Appier believes AI can help enterprises deal with today’s rapidly changing business environment, helping them process enormous amounts of data to identify patterns and make intelligent decisions. Appier’s first product, the CrossX Programmatic Platform, brought AI into digital marketing. Its second, Aixon, is a data intelligence platform that allows business users at a variety of enterprises to discover new customers, enrich their understanding of their customer base, and make predictions using AI.

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