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    Anritsu Launches 120 Gbaud PAM4 Wideband / High Output Linear Amplifier

    Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hamada) has started sales from July 24 of its 120 Gbaud Wideband Linear Amplifier*1 AH15199A developed to evaluate 120 Gbaud PAM4*2 devices used by next-generation Ethernet 800GbE/1.6TbE interfaces.

    PAM 4
    PAM 4

    This new amplifier features a wideband frequency response of 105 GHz at a –3 dB bandwidth and can amplify 120 Gbaud PAM4 signals to 2.0 Vpp.

    The high gain*3 of +16 dB and low jitter*4 of 500 fs enable amplification of attenuated signals on transmission lines with high-quality waveforms.

    Furthermore, when used as an 800GbE/1.6TbE digital coherent*5 and IM-DD*6 optical modulator driver, it can amplify 120 Gbaud PAM4 signals from various signal sources, such as DSP*7, and can directly drive modulators and other devices requiring high amplitude.

    By selling this wideband linear amplifier, Anritsu is meeting its customers’ needs and contributing to the expansion and smooth operation of high-speed networks.

    Development Background

    Mobile data traffic is increasing with the growth of 5G and other services, but further increases in communication speeds for servers and network devices are a major concern.

    The next-generation Ethernet standard for 800GbE/1.6TbE high-speed networking will use PAM4, which increases the transmission capacity per unit time to 120 Gbaud using 2-bit (4-value) signals. On the other hand, since higher communication speeds suffer higher signal attenuation, a linear driver is needed to faithfully amplify the PAM4 signal.

    Product Outline

    The AH15199A is a high-power linear amplifier supporting 2.0 Vpp signal evaluation with 120 Gbaud PAM4 to achieve high-speed, high-power (2 Vpp) data transmission at a 120 Gbaud rate with a low power consumption of less than 1.2 W.

    The standard dedicated power supply, downsized to 1/19th, reduces the risk of damage from improper handling.

    Target Markets

    Optical/electrical high-speed device manufacturers, measuring instruments for optical signal testing


    Evaluation of high-speed 120 Gbaud optical devices

    Auto EV India

    Technical Terms

    *1 Linear Amplifier

    Amplifies input signal at fixed ratio

    *2 PAM4

    Abbreviation for Pulse Amplitude Modulation used to increase transmission capacity by amplitude modulation using four voltage levels

    *3 Gain

    Parameter indicating how many times input frequency sinusoidal amplitude multiplied at output; plotted as frequency on logarithmic x-axis and gain in dB relative units on y-axis

    *4 Jitter

    Parameter indicating quality of digital signal as timing fluctuation; larger jitter causes errors in acquiring digital signal values

    *5 Digital Coherent

    Data transmission method using light phase and polarization to transmit high-capacity signals over long distances due to low signal degradation

    *6 IM-DD

    Abbreviation for Intensity Modulation-Direct Detection (IM-DD); data transmitting/receiving system using changes in light intensity

    *7 DSP

    Abbreviation for Digital Signal Processor; specialized microprocessor for processing digital signals and generally used in real-time computing

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