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    Anritsu Enhances Protocol Test Solution Supporting NTN NB-IoT Devices for GEO Satellites

    Anritsu Corporation introduces the protocol test[*1] solution for Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN)[*2] devices for GEO[*3] satellites, which extends the functionality of the Signalling Tester MD8430A to support the NTN NB-IoT[*4] defined in 3GPP Release 17.

    Anritsu has been providing solutions for protocol tests, RF tests, protocol conformance tests, and RF conformance tests over the years for 3G/LTE/5G. With this functionality enhancement, Anritsu will help to improve the quality of NTN devices and contribute to the realization of a prosperous network society.

    Development Background

    Previously, individual satellite operators have offered their proprietary unique satellite communication services. Since the standardization of NTN communications in 3GPP Release 17, however, the satellite communication service market has rapidly grown, and various verifications based on the standard specifications have become necessary. For GEO satellites, NTN device vendors need test environments that can simulate the communication delay and transmit information to the device for delay compensation, because the distance between the satellite and the device is approximately 36,000 km. To support these test requirements, Anritsu has developed a protocol test solution that boasts high reliability built on test experiences with market-leading customers and high flexibility in condition settings.

    Product Outline

    The MD8430A is a base station simulator that can build a simulated network necessary for the development of chipsets and devices. With its software option NTN NB-IoT (GEO) MD8430A-043 and its control software option NTN over IoT Framework for RTD MX800050A-070, the MD8430A can be connected to an NTN device for GEO satellites, which makes it possible to test the connection with the NTN network and roaming between the terrestrial network and NTN network, among others.

    Technical Terms

    [*1]: Protocol test
    Protocol sequence test (location registration, call placement, incoming call reception, mobile device/network disconnection, handover, etc.)

    [*2]: NTN
    Abbreviation for Non-Terrestrial Network. It refers to a communication network system that provides multi-layered connections among mobile devices on the ground as well as in the sea, skies, and outer space. The NTN can efficiently cover locations that are difficult for radio signals from terrestrial base stations to reach, such as remote islands, oceans, and mountains, thus delivering Internet access to underserved areas.

    [*3]: GEO
    Abbreviation for Geostationary Earth Orbit

    [*4]: NB-IoT
    Abbreviation for NarrowBand Internet of Things. It refers to a technology that enables a host of IoT devices to connect to the network with low power consumption. NTN NB-IoT is an IoT communication service for areas that terrestrial base stations cannot cover and is used in such fields as maritime shipping, logistics, mining, and automobiles.

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