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    Anritsu announces 5G Standalone Network Service Assurance in the Public Cloud on AWS

    Anritsu is pleased to announce the deployment of its Mobile Network Service Assurance solutions on the public cloud with AWS. Following on from a recent press release where Anritsu announced two Tier-1 5G Standalone Service Assurance wins, Anritsu, in partnership with its Mobile Network customers and with AWS, introduces a solution to fully deploy the Service Assurance systems in the public cloud.

    Perceptions of public cloud for telecoms networks have seen a significant shift over the last 12-18 months, with many operators assessing how to move network functions from a private cloud to a hybrid or public cloud, whilst also taking into consideration privacy, security, costs, and control. Visibility via Service Assurance solutions is vital to assure the quality of network services and achieve a return on the significant investments in 5G Standalone.

    Service Assurance needs to sit alongside those network functions in the same cloud, working to understand, monitor, assure and control the network functions and services. With the complexity and dynamicity of today’s and tomorrow’s networks, Service Assurance, Automation, AI and Analytics are pivotal to the rollout of new services, network slices, MEC (multi-access edge computing), and customer experience.

    “The strategic investments in our business, starting in 2016 with virtualization, showed how we needed to adapt our solution to support our customers, with 5G on the horizon at that time,” said Ralf Iding, CEO of Anritsu Service Assurance. “We have transformed our business to match our customers’ needs with agile development and delivery, and we have moved our Service Assurance portfolio to work in the cloud of our trusted partners and new customers. We continue to invest to innovate and help our customers realize their investments in 5G Standalone and continue to partner with them on this inspiring journey to the public cloud.”

    “This 5G Standalone technology is the most exciting moment in telecoms since the introduction of data services for mobile phones. We’ve been waiting for 5G’s ultra-low latency, hyper-density, super-speed cloudified networks for many years and 2021 is the year this anticipation becomes a reality,” said Nicolas Timothee, Director of Business Strategy at Anritsu Service Assurance.

    “We have initiated the first deployments of 5G Standalone and are working closely with our customers and partners to make sure they are ready to assure their investment, services, and customers in the public, private and hybrid cloud. Deploying our Service Assurance solutions on AWS brings considerable flexibility, speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency for operators as they consider their options on their 5G Standalone journey.”

    Anritsu looks forward to working with its current customers, new customers, and partners to expand the Service Assurance possibilities of 5G Standalone, cloudification, and digital transformation.

    For more information, visit 

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